Longer stories

The Kindness Of Strangers
Words: 2634 Chapters: 1
Featuring: Lara, Patrick and Holly
Set: After 'Facing the Future' S16E7
Summary: Lara gives out some advice, but is it good advice?

About Time Too Words: 2919 Chapters: 1 Featuring: Charlie and Duffy Set: On Charlie's 60th birthday Summary: Duffy returns to Holby to celebrate Charlie's birthday with him, and remind him of a promise she once made.
The Distance Between Us Words: 3483 Chapters: 1 Featuring: Charlie and Baz Set: Whilst Charlie is in Canada the first time, ~S15E14 Summary: *AU* Charlie takes Louis to Canada to see Baz, but when he gets there he finds more than he expected.
What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted? Words: 4272 Chapters: 1 Featuring: Josh, Fin, Nikki, and Comfort Set: After the episode of the same name S16E25 Summary: The thoughts of the four paramedics after a difficult shift.
Not The Marrying Kind Words: 4032 Chapters: 1 Featuring: Kirstie, Tash and Ray Set: n/a Summary: *AU* With a little help from her friend Ray, Kirstie gets ready for her wedding day...
From Your Secret Admirer Words: 4717 Chapters: 1 Featuring: Tash and Patrick Set: Valentines Day Summary: *AU* Tash recieves a bucnh of roses for Valentines Day, but who are they from; meanwhile downstairs, Patrick has his own problems.
All I Want For Christmas... Words: 5989 Chapters: 1 Featuring: Patrick, Duffy and Holly Set: Christmas Time Summary: *AU* The Casualty staff play a prank on Patrick, and accidentally get Duffy involved too; but forced to talk to each other Duffy finds out what it is that Patrick really wants...
On The Outside Words: 11,769 Chapters: 1 Featuring: Jan and Charlie Set: After 'Code Red' S16E40 Summary: A visitor to the hospital tries to hack into the computer system for their own ends. But what are their ends? And how do they know Jan?
Ghosts Words: 6115 Chapters: 2 Featuring: Josh and Penny Set: Hallowe'en Summary: The paramedics get a call out to a reputedly haunted house. Surely there are no such things as ghosts... right?
Echoes Josh's POV Colette's POV Words: 3010 Chapters: 2 Featuring: Josh and Colette Set: n/a Summary: The same scene told from each of their points of view. How would the Griffiths's feel about a pregancy?
I Can Only See Your Face Words: 8484 Chapters: 5 Featuring: Holly, Patrick and Tom Set: After 'Only You' S15E30 Summary: *AU* Tom's in hospital, and Holly's trying to rebuild her life after her ordeal at his hands. An error of judgement proves, however, that it's not over yet...
Consequences Words: 13,924 Chapters: 5 Featuring: Charlie and Duffy Set: Approximately a year after Andrew's death. Summary: *AU* Duffy goes on her first date since Andrew's death, but when it all goes horrifically wrong it's Charlie she turns to for help.
Chance Encounter Words: 15,506 Chapters: 5 Featuring: Duffy, Max and Charlie Set: Branching off from just before the start of S16 Summary: Duffy bumps into Max unexpectedly and realises that they have unfinished business together, but what does that mean for her relationship with Charlie?
Old Wounds Words: 19,584 Chapters: 5 Featuring: Andrew and Duffy Set: Parallel to episodes 'Travelling light', 'States of Shock' and 'Marking Time' S15E7, 10, 11. Summary: A story following Andrew in the lead up to his returning to work at Holby City Hospital.
Second Chance Words: 12,206 Chapters: 6 Featuring: Charlie and Duffy Set: After 'Being There 2' S14E30, and also immediately after 'Gas' S1E1. Summary: *AU* Told by Charlie. Charlie's collapsed in the gents, but when he comes around he's not where he expects to be. Instead he finds himself reliving the events of fourteen years ago and changing them...
Casualty BIG BROTHER 2002 Words: 44,933 Chapters: 7 Featuring: Anna, Colette, Duffy, Jan, Lara, Nikki, Charlie, Dillon, Jack, Josh, Max, Simon, Spencer and Tony Set: May - July 2002 Summary: The staff take part in Big Brother, being voted out two at a time until there are five left, and a winner chosen from them. This was written for the late HWF, and the evictions are all the results of genuine polls.
In Another Life Words: 17,669 Chapters: 8 Featuring: Mike and Kath Set: n/a Summary: *AU* Mike and Kath's feeling for each other come to the surface, but when her husband Simon is injured how will they cope?
The Truth Hurts Words: 23,977 Chapters: 9 Featuring: Tina, Sean and Max Set: After 'Breaking the Spell 2' S15E36 Summary: Tina's marriage to Sean is on the rocks, so when a family tragedy brings her back to England she happily leaves Australia. But it's never that straight forward...
First Impressions Words: 23,345 Chapters: 11 Featuring: Charlie, Duffy, Ewart, Megan Set: Prior to the series beginning. Summary: Duffy works in the Holby casualty department for the first time, and meets the team for the very first time.