Shorter stories

Words: 343
Featuring: Duffy and Baz
Set: After 'Being There 2' S14E30
Summary: *AU* How Duffy and Baz might have spoken to each other if Charlie had died. 

Missing You Words: 439 Featuring: Duffy Set: After 'Breaking the Spell 2' S15E36 Summary: Duffy visits Andrew's grave.
The Tin Man Words: 652 Featuring: Lara Set: After 'Consequences' S16E16 Summary: Told by Lara. Lara's thought's on Patrick after Rachel's death.
On Christmas Day Words: 909 Featuring: Patrick Set: Christmas Day Summary: Events on Christmas day in the Spiller household.
Goodbye, My Love Words: 943 Featuring: Baz and Charlie Set: n/a Summary: Told by Baz. Charlie's getting married again.
Northern Lights Words: 1136 Featuring: Baz and Charlie Set: After 'Eat Drink and Be Merry' S18E16 Summary: Baz's POV. Baz has to convince Charlie that they should give their relationship another chance.
One Of Us Words: 1143 Featuring: Baz Set: Sometime after her divorce to Charlie Summary: Her thoughts about their relationship.
Epiphany Words: 1168 Featuring: Chloe Set: After 'Blowing the whistle' S16E19 Summary: When Chloe's left standing in Jason's abandoned warehouse she takes a good look at her life.
Message From The Heart Words: 1189 Featuring: Lara and Patrick Set: Around the time of his first proposal to her. Summary: Patrick leaves an answerphone message for Lara.
Home Is Where The Heart Is Words: 1212 Featuring: Josh and Liz Set: Shortly after the fire that killed Josh's family S11 Summary: Josh goes back to his old house on the day of it's demolition.
Six Days To Friday Words: 1225 Featuring: Charlie and Duffy Set: AU, after Duffy moves into Charlie's house S17 Summary: What if Ryan hadn't returned and Duffy and her sons had remained lodging with Charlie?
The Needs Of The Many Words: 1353 Featuring: Dan Set: After 'Breaking the Spell 2' S15E36 Summary: Told by Dan. The reason behind Dan's absence in the sixteenth series.
Day Trip Words: 1359 Featuring: Josh and Charlie Set: After 'Against Protocol' S18E6 Summary: What happens after Josh and Charlie ran into the sea at the end of the episode.
Letters In A Box Words: 1492 Featuring: Holly Set: Sometime after 'Breaking the Spell (Part 2)' S15E36 Summary: Holly's in Germany and at the end of a bad day she misses a certain someone.
I Still Love You Words: 1596 Featuring: Duffy and Charlie Set: Anytime after Andrew's death Summary: Duffy is finding it hard to cope with her children all on her own.
Max's Revenge... Words: 1609 Featuring: Jan, Charlie and Max Set: After S16E40 'Code Red' Summary: Madness! Answer to a challenge to write a Charlie, Jan story that included a war tunnel in Ardennes, a multipack of crisps and not killing Jan.
Letting Go Words: 1731 Featuring: Duffy, Holly and Patrick Set: After 'Breaking the Spell 2' S15E36 Summary: The day of Andrew's funeral has come, and Holly has to come to terms with her life.
The Morning After Words: 1762 Featuring: Charlie and Duffy Set: n/a Summary: *AU* Charlie wakes up hungover in a strange bed...
Once Upon A Time Words: 1806 Featuring: Holly and Patrick Set: n/a Summary: *AU* Patrick recounts the story of Holly's experience at the hands of Tom to their children - fairytale style!
365 Days Ago, Yesterday Words: 1916 Featuring: Duffy Set: The first anniversary of Andrew's death Summary: Duffy's POV. Duffy describes what happened the night Andrew died.
Big Mistake Words: 1927 Featuring: Charlie and Duffy Set: n/a Summary: Charlie and Duffy have gone on a date. What happens when they get home?
Made For Each Other Words: 2057 Featuring: Charlie and Baz Set: After 'Closure' S1E15 Summary: Charlie and Baz briefly join the nightshift demonstration, before going for breakfast.
Never Too Late Words: 2268 Featuring: Charlie and Duffy Set: Christmas in the future Summary: Charlie faces a miserable Christmas until he bumps into a face from the past...
Words: 2295
Featuring: Harry
Set: After 'Breathe Deeply' S18E3
Summary: Harry attends Anna's funeral and starts to come to terms with the death of his wife Beth too.
We're In This Together Words: 2332 Featuring: Charlie and Jan Set: After Waving Not Drowning' S16E32 Summary: Told by Charlie. His opinion on the way Jan has handled the Norwalk outbreak.
Love Reunited Words: 2334 Featuring: Holly Set: 2061 Summary: An aged Holly waits to see Halley's comet pass by the Earth with her descendants and tells her daughter all about her true love. Written for Heather.
One God Reason To Leave Words:2482 Featuring: Charlie and Duffy Set: After Duffy's last episode 'The Point Of No Return' S17E31 Summary: Charlie tries to talk Duffy out of running off with Ryan to New Zealand, but will he be sucessful?
Happy Birthday, Mrs Wolfe Words: 2485 Featuring: Barney Set: After 'Breaking the Spell 2' S15E36 Summary: Why Barney left the hospital before series sixteen started.
Looking Forward Words: 2487 Featuring: Duffy Set: 1973 Summary: A look at Duffy's childhood.
Time To Go Words: 2491 Featuring: Josh and Penny Set: After 'Breaking the Spell 2' S15E36 Summary: Penny and Josh say their final goodbyes to each other as she heads off to live with her new found family.