Unfortunately real life has left me with little time for fanfic writing, and even more unfortunately my two favourite characters have both disappeared from screen to far off places in dodgy storylines, so my muse doesn't have much to go on. I am still here though!

Just completed my Max/Duffy story 'Chance Encounter' which has been a WIP at HFF Yahoo Group for, well, ever. So that's one more loose end tied up!

This site contains many fanfics based on characters and events from the BBC television series Casualty, and its sister show, Holby City.

All stories posted here are my own work, however I make no claim on the characters, locations or storylines that have appeared in the shows, they are the property of the BBC.

Please feel free to read any/all of the stories archived here, you can email me your opinions about them here, or sign the Guestbook.


      27/11/04 - Chance Encounter
Words: 15,506 Chapters:5
Featuring: Duffy, Max and Charlie
Set: Branching off from just before the start of S16
Summary: Duffy bumps into Max unexpectedly and
realises that they have unfinished business together, but
what does that mean for her relationship with Charlie?

18/11/04 - Letters In A Box
Words: 1492
Featuring: Holly
Set: Sometime after 'Breaking the Spell 2' S15E36
Summary: Holly's in Germany and at the end of
a bad day she misses a certain someone.

      18/11/04 - Six Days To Friday
Words: 1225
Featuring: Charlie and Duffy
Set: AU, after Duffy moves into Charlie's house S17
Summary: What if Ryan hadn't returned and Duffy and
her sons had remained lodging with Charlie?

18/01/04 - Lost
Words: 2295
Featuring: Harry
Set: After 'Breathe Deeply' S18E3
Summary: Harry attends Anna's funeral and starts
to come to terms with the death of his wife Beth too.

      27/12/03 - One Good Reason to Leave
Words: 2482
Featuring: Charlie and Duffy
Set: After Duffy's last episode 'The Point Of No Return' S17E31
Summary: Charlie tries to talk Duffy out of running off with
Ryan to New Zealand, but will he be sucessful?

21/12/03 - Northern Lights
Words: 1136
Featuring: Baz and Charlie
Set: After 'Eat Drink and Be Merry' S18E16
Summary: Baz's POV. Baz has to convince Charlie
that they should give their relationship another chance.

18/12/03 - About Time Too Words: 2919 Chapters: 1 Featuring: Charlie and Duffy Set: On Charlie's 60th birthday Summary: Duffy returns to Holby to celebrate Charlie's birthday with him, and remind him of a promise she once made.
07/12/03 - Day Trip Words: 1359 Featuring: Josh and Charlie Set: After 'Against Protocol' S18E6 Summary: What happens after Josh and Charlie ran into the sea at the end of the episode.
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