Monday, 09:55 - Kitchen

It's the beginning of week four in the Big Brother house, and two of the surviving nine housemates will be evicted later today at four 'o' clock. As ever on eviction day all the housemates are nervous about who will be leaving them.

[Charlie and Anna are busy washing up the breakfast things in the kitchen, most of the other housemates are lounging around on the sofas in the living room]

Anna: I've always hated Mondays but Mondays in here are even worse. Everyone gets so quiet!

Charlie: Hmm.

Anna: You alright Charlie man?

Charlie: [Distractedly] Fine. [Snapping out of it] You hoping to leave today then?

Anna: No. I just wish the evictions were over one way or the other, then we could just get on with stuff. D'you want out?

Charlie: [Giving up with the washing up, drying his hands and rubbing the back of his head in contemplation] Most of the people I'm closest to have gone already, or weren't here to start with like Max. You lot would probably all get alone better without your boss here.

Anna: Nah, in here you're not our boss though are you. [Laughing] We don't have to listen to a word you say! Anyway, Nikki and Jack spend all their time sucking each other's faces, and Dillon and Tony haven't been speaking all weekend. Duffy's still here though and you two are mates…

Charlie: [Sounding unsure] Yeah…

Anna: [Frowning] You upset her Charlie?

Charlie: Actually it was the other way around.

Anna: So you're not talking. [Sarcastically] That's very grown up!

Charlie: [Shocked at Anna's tone] Anna…

Anna: Like I said, you're not my boss in here! [Grins]

Charlie: [Sighing] You didn't hear what she said.

Anna: The rest of the country did though, so you can't just ignore it, and her, and hope everything goes away. Can you?

Charlie: [Resigned but smiling] I don't like getting told off by you; feels wrong somehow.

Anna: If I was going to tell you off it'd be about the mess you've made of the washing up. This is just advice.

Charlie: [Humouring her] And what advice is that?

Anna: Think of it this way man, one or other of you could get evicted today and then you might not see each other for weeks. All that time you'll have this bubbling away and by the time you do see each other again it'll be ten times worse. [Pauses] Is it worth spoiling your friendship for?

Charlie: [Looking sheepish] No…

Anna: [Laughing] Hey, man I'm quite good at this! I should go talk to Dillon and Tone!

Monday, 10:12 - Boy's room

Following her talk to Charlie, Anna has decided to play reconciliator to Tony and Dillon as well. She has got them both to follow her into the Boy's room in an effort to get them to communicate.

[Dillon and Tony are sitting on opposite beds, they both look deeply uncomfortable and are concentrating on watching Anna rather thn each other. Anna is standing a few paces in front of the dormitory door]

Dillon: What's this all about Anna?

Anna: You two are two of my best mates yeah?

[Dillon and Tony murmur in response]

Anna: And I don't want you two to be unable to stay in the same room together because of what happened on Thursday.

Dillon: You know about that!?

Anna: Tony explained it all.

[Dillon casts a sharp glance at Tony; Tony turns to face him warily]

Tony: look, I'm the one who made a prat of himself… It's not like it'd be much of a secret anyway.

Anna: Exactly! So you have to sort it out between you.

Dillon; I'd rather not discuss it here though.

Anna: Aww come on guys! Look you don't have to discuss it in front of me if you don't want to.

Tony: 'Cause that makes a lot of difference in here!

[Anna sits stubbornly on one of the beds, a clear sign she ha no intention of letting it rest]

Anna: Tony, so you made a pass at someone who wasn't interested - I did that to you when we first met, and I got over it. Dillon, someone fancies you, big deal. You should be flattered.

[Tony mumbles in agreement, and looks hopefully to Dillon]

Tony: Let's just forget it yeah? Dillon…?

Dillon: I suppose…

Anna: What's wrong man? It's not like anyone got hurt.

Dillon: Alright, alright!

Tony: [Concerned] Is the thought of me, well, you know… Is it that offensive?

Dillon: No, mate, honestly, it's just…

Anna: Go on, spit it out.

Dillon: Ever since I was at school I've been picked on about being too… girly. I went to a boy's school where you weren't anyone unless you were on the footie and rugby teams, and I was never picked. I always got to play the female parts in plays because I was 'pretty' or so my drama teacher said. And when I decided I wanted to go into nursing… Well, I must be gay mustn't I? It's obvious, isn't it? But I'm not. So, my girlfriends have never lasted that long, so I'm blonde, so I'm a nurse, I always though that you weren't supposed to judge people by stereotyped appearances. That's what I love about the Samaritans, there aren't the same preconceptions. When someone calls up you're just a voice on the end of the phone and nothing else matters. At work people take one look at me and they think they've got me sussed. And to find out that my friends do exactly the same thing…[Takes a deep breath] Look, Tony, I'm not angry or offended or anything like that, I just wish people wouldn't make snap decisions about my life.

[There is a somewhat stunned silence as Dillon calms down and Anna and Tony let his words sink in]

Tony: I am sorry mate. I know what it's like to be judged. I mean, I lost friends when I came out, and as soon as people find out about my record they think I'm some murderer of something, so I understand. Friends?

[Tony holds out his hand for Dillon to shake and Dillon shakes it. Anna jumps up and camps her hand over theirs too]

Anna: Friends!

Monday, 14:57 - Girl's room

[Duffy is brushing her hair ready for the live eviction broadcast. There's a knock on the door]

OS: Charlie: Can I come in?

Duffy: Yeah

[Charlie enters. He looks awkward, and plunges his hands deep into his pockets as he stands just inside the doorway]

Duffy: What do you want?

Charlie: I don't want us to fight, Duffy.

Duffy: [Bitchily] You've been avoiding me remember [Sighing and sitting on her bed] I don't want us to fight either.

Charlie: Jan isn't as bad as you think [raises hands defensively when he sees Duffy about to interrupt] But you're entitled to your opinion. I know that she does behave differently at work and outside it, I suppose you've seen her in a different light to me. I would like my best friend and my girlfriend to get along, but if you really can't… I don't want to lose either of you. Can't you put your doubts to one side and just be happy for me?

Duffy: I am trying, but she's just so… [Stops herself]

Charlie: You haven't seen the best of her, maybe she's a bit frosty around you because she feels threatened? You and I go back a long way.

Duffy: [Coldly] That's probably it. But there's no much we can do about it in here.

Charlie: You're right. Of course we might both get voted out this afternoon…


Duffy: Excellent timing Charlie!

Charlie: Come on then, let's find out our fate.

Monday, 15:00 - Living room

[All the housemates gather together to listen to Big Brother on the sofas]

Lara: I wonder who it'll be this time…


[The housemates all exchange surprised glances, as though they were two evictions they didn't expect]

Anna: [Hugging Tony] I'll miss you man!

Jack: How can they evict the Jack Meister! How can they get rid of both the Vincent brothers! How can this happen!

Nikki: You can't go! I don't want o be here without you. Not now…


Tony: Oh well, I suppose I'd better get packing.

Jack: You're happy to be going then?

Tony: It's been a hell of an experience, but I'm kinda glad it's over now. [Stands and heads to the bedroom] Come on Jack!

Jack: Give us a minute will you!

Spencer: I think I'll just go and get some fresh air…

[Everybody takes Spencers comment as a cue to leave Jack and Nikki alone together in the living room. Jack still looks more shocked than anything else. Nikki looks upset]

Nikki: It won't be the same around here once you've gone.

Jack: I know.

Nikki: I'm really going to miss you. [Indicating the baby] We both are.

Jack: I'm going to miss both of you too.

[He kisses Nikki's lips then bends down and kisses her still flat stomach. She laughs]

Nikki: You daft wotsit!

Jack: These three weeks have been kinda unreal, haven't they?

Nikki: I think they've been very real. You aren't going to change your mind once you're out?

Jack: Why would I?

Nikki: You might realise everything that you'll be missing when you're a family man. All those night's DJ-ing in the clubs and weekends spent ringside watching a couple of grown men knocking seven bells out of each other...

Jack: [Thoughtful] I won't have to give them up completely…

Nikki: Would you want me and the baby less if you did have to?

Jack: No.

Nikki: Honest?

Jack: Honest. I'll tell you what, when I get out I'll start flat hunting for us.

Nikki; You think we should move in together?

Jack: How else am I going to be a Dad?

Nikki: Everything seems really sudden, you didn't want us to live together before, remember when I moved in with Anna?

Jack: Feels like years ago!

Nikki: Yeah it does. Oh Jack, I don't want you to go! I want us to do all this flat hunting and stuff together.

Jack: 'K. I don't know the first thing about flat hunting anyway!

[Nikki cuddles up to Jack, and he puts his arm around her]

Nikki: Let's just make the most of our last hour together

Jack: But what about the cameras!

Nikki: I didn't mean that!

Monday: 16:00 - Base of the stairs

[Once again the housemates are gathered to say goodbye to the evictees. Nikki is clasping Jacks waist, Tony is getting pats on the back from all the others]


[Anna gives Tony a hug and after a brief moment of indecision Dillon does the same]

Tony: See you all on the outside!

Nikki: [To Jack] I'll miss you everyday. I wish I was coming too.

Jack: Hey babe, you have to stay here and win the prize money!


[With a cheer from the remaining housemates, Jack and Tony ascend the stairs to the front door. Tony pushes it open and starts to walk through it, but notices that Jack is hanging back]

Tony: Come on Jack, she'll be alright without you!

Jack: [To Tony] I know, I just… Oh what the hell! Wish me luck…

Tony: What?

Jack: [Shouting down to Nikki] Nikki! Will you marry me!

[Everybody stops still and silent to stare first at Jack, then at Nikki. She looks utterly stunned and her mouth is wide open in shock]

Jack: [Quieter and less showman-y] Will you marry me Nikki?

Nikki: You really choose your moments Jack!

Jack: Is that a yes, or am I now the laughing stock of the British Isles?

Nikki: It's a yes!

[Nikki bounds up the stairs and into Jack's arms. They kiss passionately and gradually the others break from their stupors to cheer and congratulate the couple. Very reluctantly Nikki and Jack pull away from each other and with a final kiss he and Tony leave the house. Nikki turns back to the stairs and sits on the top one. She has tears n her eyes but is grinning broadly]



Tuesday, 21:12 - Living Room

Day twenty six in the Big Brother house and following Jack’s surprise proposal to Nikki as he left the house yesterday Big Brother has given the housemates extra food and alcohol in order to have an engagement party for the couple. It’s twelve minutes past nine and the housemates, with the exception of Spencer, have already been drinking for three hours.

[Nikki, Anna, Duffy, Charlie, Dillon and Lara are lounging around on the sofas. Spencer, as the only sober one has offered to make some food for the others and is in the kitchen alone]

Anna: No one’s ever proposed to me. You’re so lucky! He really loves you!

Nikki: [Giggling] I know! [Pouting] I wish I was with him now…

Duffy: I’m sure he feels the same.

Nikki: We’ve been engaged a whole day and we’ve been apart the whole time. It’s just not fair!

Lara: Sometimes life isn’t. At least he’ll be waiting for you when you get out. [Rising from her chair a little drunkenly] Excuse me.

[Lara wanders off to the garden, the others watch her]

Nikki: [Taking another swig of her champagne] What was that about?

Duffy: Patrick I expect.

Dillon: Yeah, he died the night he proposed remember?

Nikki: [Remembering and looking upset for being so tactless] Oh God…

Anna: I’d completely forgotten man.

Dillon: I think I’ll go out there and see if she’s ok…

Charlie: Give her a minute Dillon.

Dillon: [Capitulating] A minute then.

Nikki: [Under her breath] Well, that’s ruined my party.

Duffy: Nikki, we’re all happy for you, I’m sure Lara is too, but it’s very difficult not to think of our own situations. None of us has exactly managed to stay happily married.

Nikki: [Sarcastically] Great!

Duffy: [hastily] I’m sure you and Jack will have better luck though… I mean things between me and Andrew were mostly wonderful.

Anna: So how did Andrew propose Duffy?

Duffy: The first time he just sort of assumed that I would because I was pregnant and I turned him down. The second time was much more romantic, we were having a candlelit dinner and he got down on one knee. [Sounding wistful] It was just perfect, just like I always imagined it would be.

Nikki: Jack’s proposal was perfect too.

Anna: What about you Charlie, how did you propose to…

Charlie: Baz.

Anna: Was it really romantic?

Charlie: Not in the traditional sense of the word. Baz and I had been arguing, we’d split up and… things had happened. I still loved her, but I didn’t think we’d ever get back together. One night I was at work and she had the night off and I got this phone call from her telling me that she’d been kidnapped and she needed me to bring over some medical supplies to help treat the guy who was holding her. I was so terrified to think she was in danger I did what she said. The guy had a gun, he had us tied up, I thought… I just thought that if something happened to either of us and I’d never taken the chance of telling her how I feel… So I proposed and she said yes. No flowers, no music, no champagne, but it was still one of the happiest moments of my life when she said yes.

Anna: Aww! That is romantic man.

Nikki: [Dejectedly] I suppose…

Dillon: She got kidnapped?

[Spencer appears with a tray of food and sets it down on the table]

Anna: What about you Spence?

Spencer: What about me what?

Duffy: We’re talking about marriage proposals. How did you propose to… Shirely, is it?

Spencer: Ah, well, I didn’t. She proposed to me. Just before my first tour with the Navy. She said if I was going to be leaving her for months at a time then she wanted some guarantee that I’d come back. She’d even already picked out her engagement ring! Um, where’s Dr Stone?

Charlie: Out in the garden.

Spencer: I’ll just go and tell her that her food is ready then.

[Spencer leaves, and Dillon shoots Charlie a look]

Dillon: Why’d you let him go and not me?!

Tuesday, 21:16 - Garden

[Lara sitting on one of the wire mesh things, smoking. Her face is red and puffy from crying. Her other hand is fiddling with the engagement ring she has on a chin around her neck. Spencer enters the garden]

Spencer: The food is ready Dr Stone.

Lara: I’m not hungry.

Spencer: Dr Stone, are you OK?

Lara: [Wiping her eyes on her sleeve] Yep.

Spencer: Do you want to be left alone?

Lara: Yep.

[Spencer turns to leave. Lara looks up at him]

Lara: No! I mean, I don’t really want to be alone.

[Spencer turns back again and sits next to Lara]

Spencer: You know everybody’s drinking tonight. I can’t, but everybody else is.

Lara: [Looking a bit confused] I’m sorry Spencer. I’ll stop. I feel pretty sober right now anyway.

Spencer: I’m not trying to ask you to stop. I’m just saying that there are always times when other people are doing something and you can’t join in with it. And it makes you feel rotten and alone and [Casts a glance back towards the living room] like they’re doing it deliberately to get at you, when it’s not really like that.

Lara: You heard what they were talking about?

Spencer. I did, yeah.

Lara: So you’re saying that it’s not their fault that they want to prattle on about weddings all night and I should cut ‘em some slack; go in there with a painted on smile and pretend like it doesn’t hurt? I don’t think I can do that Spencer.

Spencer: When I first quit the drinking I stayed away from anything that could possibly get me tempted. I wouldn’t say I had any great friends on the street, but there were people I spent time with, safety in numbers more than anything, but I had to keep away from them because I wasn’t strong enough to say no. I knew all the best places to get drink, and I knew how easy it would be to give up. It was hard work, keeping to myself and going through it all alone, but it was the best option in the circumstances, the only way I could stay strong.

Lara: I don’t understand…

Spencer: When Sister Duffin gave me the job at the hospital I had to be around people again. I had to be around temptation again. I’ve been asked to the pub with the Shift several times. I could have always turned the offers down but there comes a point when avoiding temptation is doing yourself a disservice. You need to look your demons in the eyes and stand up to them rather than run away and hide.

Lara: Spencer…?

Spencer: If you don’t feel ready to talk about Dr Spiller and have reminders of what you lost that’s one thing, but if you hide away out of habit you’re only hurting yourself.

Lara: So I should buck up and get on with my life!?

Spencer: Maybe not today, but drowning in your grief won’t help you. Take it from one who knows. There will always be people falling in love and getting married, just like there will always be people drinking. You can’t hide away from the whole world forever.

Lara: [Pointing to one of the cameras] I’m hardly hiding from the world am I?

Spencer: They’re your friends in there. They’re not being malicious… And it’s starting to get chilly out here…

Lara: OK, OK, I’m coming in!

Spencer: Good girl.

Tuesday, 22:23 - Diary Room

Nikki has decided to go to the diary room to talk to Big Brother while the other eight housemates continue their celebration on her behalf.


Nikki: Evening BB. I miss Jack.


Nikki: This is our engagement party and he’s not here.


Nikki: I know, but why now? Just when things were all really good between us.


Nikki: I don’t want to stay here if he’s not here.


Nikki: [Sighing impatiently] We should be together. All night I’ve been listening to the others talking about their husbands and wives… Lara and Patrick never got to spend anytime together because of his accident, Duffy lost her husband just before I joined the paramedics and she’s had to look after her baby alone. Spencer and Charlie are both divorced because they were separated from their families…


Nikki: We’ve spent too much time apart already and now I’m carrying this baby I don’t want to waste anymore time. We have loads of stuff we have to organise about the baby and the wedding… I want to leave.


Nikki: I don’t care.


Nikki: I understand that. I don’t want to stay in here when I could be out there with Jack.


Nikki: So I can go then?


Nikki: Thank you!!

Tuesday, 22:24 - Living Room

[Nikki is coming back to the group from the diary room. She stops short of sitting down and instead picks up her glass and a fork from the table and taps the glass with it. She quickly gains everyone’s attention.]

Nikki: I’ve just talked to Big Brother and… well, I’m leaving. I miss Jack, and listening to everyone talk about their marriages and everything just reminds me more that he’s not around. I came here mostly to be with him, so…

Anna: Nikki man, you can’t just walk out!

Dillon: Hey come on, you’ve stuck it out this long it’d be a shame to give up.

Nikki: I’d rather give up on a game and be with my fiancé than the other way around. Please guys don’t be angry with me.

Duffy: We’re not angry. Just a bit surprised. You were so enthusiastic to start with.

Nikki: I do like it here, just not enough to stay.

Anna: I’m really going to miss you!

Nikki: I’m going to miss you too. All of you.

Charlie: When are you actually leaving?

Nikki: Midnight. I should really get packing.

Anna: I’ll help!

Nikki: Thanks.

Charlie: How about a quick toast before you go then? Everyone fill your glasses!

[Everyone does, with either alcohol or in the case of Spencer and Lara with orange juice]

Charlie: To Nikki and Jack, may they be happy together for the rest of their lives.

Everyone else: To Nikki and Jack!

Nikki: [Starting to blush] Thanks guys!

Tuesday: 24:00 - By the back door.

Nikki: I guess this is it then!


Nikki: They really know how to make you feel bad about going don’t they!

Anna: Are you sure you’re doing the right thing, they’d probably let you change your mind?

Nikki: I’m sure Anna.

Lara: [To Spencer quietly] You know I’ve thought about doing this myself a few times, especially earlier tonight. You were right though. Nikki’s running to Jack, I’d just have been running away and that wouldn’t help much. Besides the Melbourne Stones are stronger than that.

Spencer: I’m glad to hear it Dr Stone.


[Nikki steps forward and pushes on the door. It swings open and with a final hug from Anna and then from Duffy she steps through. Unlike the previous eviction there is no cheering, no sound at all. Nikki is soon lost in the darkness and the door swings closed]

Charlie: And then there were six…

Dillon: I wonder whether Nikki will be replaced?

Duffy: I don’t know, I just hope that she’ll be alright out there on her own. It was terribly quiet.

Anna: Hey, shush guys! Listen!

[OS] Jack: [Shouting but sounding a bit muffled from the housemates point of view] Nikki!

[OS] Nikki: Jack!

[OS] Jack: I got here as fast as I could! [Louder] Hello you lot!!

[Everyone cheers]



Friday, 21:00 - Living Room

Day twenty nine in the Big Brother house and Big Brother has organised for the remaining six housemates to be paired off for special ‘meals for two’. Anna and Spencer are in the girl’s room, Charlie and Duffy are in the boy’s room and Lara and Dillon are in the living room. There food has been served to them on special trolleys with built in hotplates that the housemates have already retrieved from the storeroom along with the specially laid tables.

[Lara and Dillon are sitting opposite each other around a small circular table. The table in covered in a white cloth and laid with full dinner service and candles.]

Lara: Well the food looks nice at least.

Dillon: Could you make it more obvious that you don’t want to be here?

Lara: I just don’t like the idea of us being set up like this. I mean, candlelit dinners? Please! This is just some cheap ploy to get us to have sex on live TV!

Dillon: Yeah, well that won’t be happening!

[Lara raises a slightly offended eyebrow]

Dillon: Not that you’re not a very… well, it’s not you who I wouldn’t… Um…

Lara: [Laughing] I know what you mean Dillon, you can stop digging yourself into a hole.

Dillon: Good. You are an attractive woman though...

Lara: Dillon, don’t let the candlelight go to your head.

Boy’s room

Duffy: It’s odd, don’t you think? Just the other day I was talking about Andrew’s intimate candlelit dinner proposal and then suddenly look what’s being laid on for us.

Charlie: [Awkwardly] For all of us.

Duffy: That’s what I meant.

Charlie: You think they want us to propose to each other? Well, Dillon and Lara would make a halfway plausible couple but I can’t see Anna and Spencer together!

Duffy: And us?

Charlie: I’ve got Jan. Besides…

Duffy: Besides what?

Charlie: We don’t have that sort of relationship.

Duffy: No. True. [Grinning] I don’t think I could stick being married to you anyway…

Charlie: What’s wrong with me!?

Duffy: You work too hard, you never take your own advice, you have a dodgy taste in interior décor… shall I go on?

Charlie: I’m amazed you’ve stayed friends with me for so long then.

Duffy: I must like you.

Charlie: [looking slightly uncomfortable and clearly trying to change the subject] I wonder how Jan’s coping in the hospital without us?

Duffy: I’m sure she’s surviving.

[Duffy pours herself a glass of wine and offers some to Charlie. He nods and she pours it into his glass too.]

Duffy: I think I’ve drunk more these last three and a half weeks than in the last year put together. And then there’s the food. I’m going to be a fat alcoholic by the time I leave!

Charlie: You know the only reason they give us this much to drink is in the hope that we’ll makes prats of ourselves, or get into fights.

Duffy: Or make declarations of undying love…

Charlie: That’s hardly likely to happen.

Duffy: You never know.

Girl’s Room

Anna: I wonder what the others are doing?

Spencer: Eating I should think.

Anna: Just eating? I mean, look man, candles, expensive wine and posh food and no chance of interruption…

Spencer: And goodness knows how many people watching.

Anna: It’s easy to forget that though.

Spencer: I wouldn’t say easy. Besides even though the mood is set it doesn’t mean that people will feel more romantically inclined towards each other. Or have you suddenly decided that you fancy me!

Anna: Er, nah man. Sorry.

Spencer: I’m sure I’ll get over the rejection. I expect you’d rather be out there with Dillon.

Anna: [Blushing] Why?

Spencer: I’ve always got the impression that you like him.

Anna: I do, but…

Spencer: But?

Anna: I think he likes Lara.

Spencer: Ah, the complications of young love.

Anna: I never said I loved him!

Spencer: No, of course, I just meant that you like him, and he likes Dr Stone. But Dr Stone is still grieving. I hope he’s no stupid enough to try anything.

Anna: Dillon’s not stupid.

Living Room

Dillon: I can’t remember the last time I had a proper night out with a beautiful woman…

Lara: This isn’t exactly a night out. In fact it’s more a night in. Locked in to be precise.

Dillon: At least we got the window. I feel sorry for the others trapped in those bedrooms.

Lara: Did they leave the patio door unlocked?

[Dillon gets up from the table and strolls across the room to the door. He tries the handle and the door swings open]

Dillon: Not locked! And if they wanted us kept in here then they would have locked it.

[Lara leaves the table and goes to the door, standing by him]

Lara: Well, it’s a nice night. If we had our costumes we could take a dip.

Dillon: You like swimming, don’t you.

Lara: Reminds me of good times. Better times than candlelit meals strangely enough.

Dillon: We could take the food outside. Have a picnic?

Lara: Yeah, why not!

Boys Room

Duffy: It’s been awhile since I’ve heard you talk about Baz so… well, so nicely.

Charlie: Nicely?

Duffy: Usually when you mention her it’s either just in passing, you know ‘Baz phoned last night’ or it’s to complain about not seeing Louis.

Charlie: Do I bore you?

Duffy: Not at all. And anyway it’s not like I haven’t spent my fair share of time moaning about Andrew. Or crying about him.

Charlie: It’s what friends are for isn’t it.

Duffy: What, picking up the pieces every time it all goes horribly wrong?

Charlie: Yeah.

Duffy: I thought it was also about trying to stop things going horribly wrong in the first place. You weren’t shy about warning me off M… [Stops herself] You know, before…

Charlie: You didn’t listen though.

Duffy: I did in the end. You were pretty pessistant.

Charlie: I care about you, I didn’t want to see you get hurt.

Duffy: So you see why I keep going on about Jan.

Charlie: [Suddenly realising what she’s been talking about] I don’t think my relationship with Jan is anything like yours was!

Duffy: But you saw my mistake before I did, is it so difficult to believe that I could see yours before you do? Sometimes I think we know each other better than we know ourselves.

[Duffy waits for Charlie to answer but he says nothing. He appears to be in deep thought, as though her words have struck a chord with him]

Charlie: You’re not going to ever let this drop are you.

Duffy: I can be persistent too. Look, you protected my marriage to Andrew even though I know you never really thought much of him. I don’t like Jan but this isn’t a personal thing against her, it’s the way she treats you as pawn in her grand plan to run the hospital more efficiently that I object to. She’s using you, and you can’t see it. It won’t last between you, and you’ll end up hurt. She’s not right for you. You need someone who understands you and appreciates you. She doesn’t.

Charlie: And you do.

Duffy: [Looking embarrassed] Well, I do, but…

Charlie: But you’re not interested in me in that way?

Duffy: [Quietly] Of course not.

Charlie: Good. ‘Cause I’d hate to think that my closest friend would try to ruin my relationship for her own gain.

Duffy: [Even quieter] I wouldn’t do that.

[They fall into silence. Duffy has her head bowed as though she’s guilty, Charlie is moving his food around his plate with his fork. He picks some up and eats it]

Charlie: Food’s getting cold. You should eat up.

[Duffy takes a deep breath, looks up, forces a smile and eats some of the food]

Duffy: Yeah… It’s delicious isn’t it?

Charlie: Lovely, they’ve been doing great food all the time we’ve been in here….

Girls room

Anna: [Eating enthusiastically] So what are you missing most about the outside world?

Spencer: Um, my family. I’m only just getting back with them so being kept apart like this isn’t helping.

Anna: How long were you away from them?

Spencer: About five years, nearly six.

Anna: So Gilly was already grown up when you left? The way she spoke about you I thought you’d left earlier. She made out like you’d…[Looks at Spencer who seems interested but also sad]

Spencer: Abandoned her? Well, that was when I finally left, I had a good years worth of drink before that and months and months away at a time on manoeuvres. I suppose I did abandon her and the boys.

Anna: Lots of kids grow up with a parent who works away from home, or with divorced parents… They don’t all act like Gilly. I’m sorry man, but her attitude really got to me, I know she’s your daughter and everything but still…

Spencer: I was very disappointed with Gilly’s behaviour, but if I had have been around more…

Anna: Spencer, don’t blame yourself.

Spencer: How can I not? I failed my family.

Anna: Maybe they failed you?

Spencer: No, they did everything to help me and I threw it back in their faces. I just hope they can start to forgive me, but Gilly seems to have taken it all the hardest.

Anna: You know I’ve never had a father in my life. Mum brought me up on her own. I mean, I know who he is, he has a family of his own and is a big name in the community back in Birmingham. I could go and introduce myself but it’d probably ruin him and he’d never accept me like his other children so what’s the point… If I was Gilly I’d be well chuffed that you wanted to be a part of my life again.

Spencer: That’s sweet of you to say Anna.

Anna: I’m not trying to be sweet, it’s the truth. I’d love it if my dad turned up one day and told me he loved me and that he was proud of me. Gilly’s got that and she still treats you, and everyone else like dirt.

Spencer: She needs time to adjust, that’s all. But Anna, I’m sure if your Dad would be extremely proud of you.

Anna: [looking a bit embarrassed] Aw man, thanks Spence.


[Lara and Dillon have finished their food and are lying on the grass next to each other]

Lara: It’s a shame the floodlights are on. It looks like it’d be a good night for stargazing.

Dillon: I never had you down as the hopeless romantic sort!

Lara: I’m not. It’s just relaxing, you know. Where I grew up in Melbourne there was too much light pollution to see much , then when I ended up in Sierra Leone it really got dark at night. Properly dark. Sometimes there would be a battle going on, explosions, noise, but sometimes it’d just be silent. Dark and silent. At first it scared me, almost more than the fighting; it was like that absolute absence of life, but after a while I started seeing it for the tranquillity it brought. Respite. Whatever. I sound like a crack pot don’t I?

Dillon: No. It must have been an amazing experience.

Lara: Oh it was. Horrific sometimes, stressful most of the time. I don’t think I’d go back there, but I wouldn’t swap the experience for anything.

Dillon: Why come to somewhere like Holby though?

Lara: I wanted a change. That’s not saying that Holby hasn’t been a challenge too! I guess… I’ve seen so many kids whose lives were cut off before they’d done anything with them, families ripped apart daily. It made me wonder about my own life, what I’d done, what I hoped to do in the future. Things that I wanted like a family of my own and I wouldn’t have got that if I’d stayed out there. Holby seemed like a good bet. A big hospital, a medium size town. A pedestrian life with the occasion high spot. When things started to happen with Patrick I thought I’d hit the jackpot. Just goes to show you should never count your chickens, huh!

Dillon: I’m sorry that things went so wrong…

Lara: Not your fault. If I’d taken him to hospital like I knew I should… he might still be alive. But no… The great Patrick Superstar Spiller knew better, and I was stupid enough to go along with him. That arrogant, opinionated, selfish man! [Getting hysterical] How could he do that do me! How could he propose and then just dropdown dead!

Dillon: [Sitting up] You couldn’t have known, neither could he. An injury like that is almost undetectable until it’s too late. There are no guarantees even if you have managed to convince him to go to hospital.

Lara: [Sitting up, crying openly] But I should have tried! I’m a doctor, a surgeon, I should have trusted my instincts instead of rolling over and trusting his. He always had to be right, and I was so relieved that he was ok I didn’t want to fight. I didn’t want to believe that it hadn’t just been a miracle that he’d survived….

[Lara wipes her eyes on a napkin, she is trembling with all the emotion. Dillon reaches out to her ad she lets him pull her into a hug. She clings on to him still sobbing as he tries to clam her down.

Dillon: It’s OK Lara, let it out. Come on… That’s it… Just let go of it.

Lara: [Muffled in Dillon’s clothing] I miss him, I miss the bloody idiot.

Dillon: I know… Sssshush…

[She pulls away a bit, and he brushes her hair off her tear stained face. They are face to face, very close. She closes her eyes and leans in, kissing him on the lips]


[Dillon and Lara pull away like they’ve had an electric shock. She finishes wiping her face, avoiding eye contact with Dillon. They both get up and head back into the living room]

Friday, 22:30 - Living Room

[Duffy, Charlie, Anna, Spencer, Lara and Dillon are sitting on the sofas, looking at each other wondering what is going on]


Anna: Oh my God! I wonder who.

Duffy: I don’t know that I like the idea of someone new in here. We’re all getting along well, just the six of us.

Charlie: Well, I suppose we should be waiting at the stairs to welcome them…

[They all getup and walk to the base of the stairs, looking up to the door. Lara is still sniffing and in the bright lights of the house it’s obvious that she’s been crying. Dillon tries to put his arm around her, but she moves away. Spencer sees this.]

Spencer: [To Lara] Is there something the matter Dr Stone.

Lara: [Sniffing] Too much wine I think. I’m fine.

Spencer: If you’re sure Doctor?

Lara: Positive [trying to smile] thanks.

[The door starts to open, and everyone’s attention is drawn to it. In walks a familiar figure]

Duffy: Max!

Max: Hello all. Surprised to see me?

Charlie: What are you doing here?

Max: [Struggling to bring his suitcase down the stairs] Long story.

Spencer: Can I help you with that Mr Gallagher?

Max: Thanks Spencer. It’s a very long story, and one I’m not strictly speaking supposed to discuss with you… Let’s just say that a few things outside have changed.

Duffy: You can’t leave it like that! [Moving over to him to give him a hug] Welcome anyway though.

Dillon: Yeah welcome.

Anna: It’s cool it’s you, I thought it might be someone horrible. Or Roxy…

Lara: Good to see you Max.

Max: You alright Lara?

Lara: Too much wine, hay fever… I’ll be alright in a sec.

Charlie: Mate, it is good to see you but I don’t understand…

Max: Well, I think I am allowed to tell you this: there’s been a bit of a scandal outside, Jan resigned, and her successor came and asked me back to work.

Duffy: So you’re back for good? Really?

Max: Yep.

Charlie: [Downcast] Jan resigned? Why?

Max: What you two [Indicating Charlie and Duffy] have been saying in here stuck a chord with one of the secretaries at the hospital. Apparently this secretary recalls Jan inviting a reporter in and leaving him alone in the office for some substantial time. She resigned befor ethe board could go public with the information. Oooops. I seem to have done that for them. I do hope it doesn’t hinder Ms Goddards future chances of employment.

Duffy: Or yours Max. I don’t suppose the board will be happy now you’ve let that slip.

Max: I’ll cope.

Charlie: [Coldly] Well, good for you.

Duffy: Charlie…!

Charlie: I hope you’re happy now Duffy. You’ve been proved right, congratulations.

[Duffy looks hurt. Charlie stalks off to the boys room. Lara uses it as an opportunity to escape to the girls room. The others go back to the sofas.]

[Max, as a new arrival is not up for eviction this week so there are only six housemates to choose from]

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