Monday, 12:32 - Kitchen

Day eighteen in the Big Brother house and a dreary weekend has kept the housemates coped up indoors for the majority of their time. This coupled with the fact that today is eviction day has led to tensions in the house and most of the housemates are keeping to themselves in an effort to avoid more arguments.

[Nikki is in the kitchen making toast. Jack walks in and stops when he sees her. She smiles tentatively at him, he reciprocates but still doesnít move]

Nikki: Jack, donít you think we should get this sorted?

Jack: Iím still thinking Nikki. Donít rush me.

Nikki: Iím not trying to rush you, I justÖ

Jack: [Interrupting] Iíll talk to you later.

[Nikki looks despondent as Jack turns and walks off. She removes the toast from the toaster and starts attacking it with a buttery knife. Dillon walks over to her]

Dillon: [Lightheartedly] What did the toast do to deserve that sort of treatment?

Nikki: [Looking down to see the mess sheís made] Nothing.

Dillon: If you want to talk about itÖ?

Nikki: [Fed up] Talk about what?

Dillon: The pregnancy, Jack, all of it. Iím happy to listen.

Nikki: I donít want to talk about it. I just want Jack to decide what he wants.

Dillon: You canít put your life on hold waiting for Jack to decide to be mature.

Nikki: You donít know anything about it Dillon! I just wish everyone would leave me alone.

[Nikki stalks off back to the girls bedroom. Dillon sighs and rubs his forehead, Charlie comes up beside him]

Charlie: You alright?

Dillon: Not really. Every time I try to help I get my head bitten off and just seem to make things worse. I think Iím losing my touch!

Charlie: Itís a difficult environment, you canít expect people to open up around here the same as they would on the phone to an anonymous Samaritan.

Dillon: This has got nothing to do with my work as a Samaritan. I want to help Nikki and Lara because theyíre friends of mine. Lara in particular seems to think that Iím just using her as a training exercise, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Charlie: Sheíll open up when sheís ready. The trick is to be there waiting. Donít force her Dillon, youíll do more harm than good.

Dillon: This is the Charlie Fairhead voice of experience is it?

Charlie: Yes it is. Look, when someone phones you they do it as a last resort, because they need to talk to someone objective. Right?

Dillon: I supposeÖ

Charlie: And you do what you can for them. Iíve seen you at work, I know that you care about your patients, but again, they only come to us when everythingís already blown up. With friends and colleagues youíre there right from the beginning of their problems and you care enough to want to help, but theyíre still not at the stage where theyíre ready to be helped. By you or by anyone. Itís difficult, I know, but sometimes you have to wait for someone to make a mess before you can clear it up.

Dillon: Thatís all very poetic Charlie, but you canít expect me to stand back and not try to help.

Charlie: Iím not saying donít try to help, just chose your moments. Cornering someone on telly and trying to get them to open up isnít going to work.

Dillon: So what should I do.

Charlie: Be friendly, sympathetic, on hand for when you are needed. Look, I spoke to Lara the other day. She mentioned that sheíd been a bit short with you, and seemed worried that sheís alienated one of her closer friends. If you really want to be useful, youíll go and tell her that she hasnít.

Dillon: [Looking a little worried about his information about Lara] OK. Next time sheís alone Iíll go and have a word. Charlie, do you think I really do push too hard on people?

Charlie: Happens to the best of us.

Monday, 13:57 - Diary Room

Itís nearly two Ďoí clock on day eighteen and Spencer ahs come to the diary room.

[Spencer is sitting bolt upright in the chair, as though trying to stand to attention]


Spencer: Well, to be honest sir, Iím a little worried about the chickens.


Spencer: They just seem to be a little peaky. The notes on how to look after them say that they should be in good sprits but they arenít. Could be the weather, I suppose. Iíve asked the doctors to take a look but theyíre both adamant that they doctors and not vets so canít helpÖ


[Spencer looks a little troubled, but nods slightly]

Spencer: Well, I donít want to get a reputation for coming in here to talk about my colleagues behind their backs, butÖ there have been a few things worrying me.


Spencer: The, er, tension between Dr Kaminski and Josh Griffiths has made things rather difficult, especially between the men here. Iím not sure why, but the ladies seem to have formed quite a tight little group of their own but the men seem to be finding things much harder. Young Jack is of course fretting over Nikki, and Dillon seems uncomfortable around Tony. Mr Fairhead is trying to keep the peace and doing a good job, but I know from my time in the navy that if we donít start pulling together then the arguments will only get worse.


Spencer: Oh, right. I just thoughtÖ. I donít like to be caught in the middle of other peoples argumentsÖ


Spencer: Ah, now, I donít think Iíd make a good leader.


Spencer: [Frowning] Alright. Thank you for listening about the chickens anyway.

Monday, 15:00 - Living Room

Itís eviction time for week two, and the housemates have gathered in the living room to hear their fate.

[Everyone is sitting around on the sofaís they all look slightly tense]


All together: Yes!

[Duffy, who is sitting next to Charlie, takes hold of his hand. Nikki glances over at Jack, who is trying not to look at her. Josh has his fingers crossed]


[Josh grins, he looks very happy with the result. Simon is stunned and perhaps hurt by the outcome. His mouth is open with shock, leaving him looking very odd with his black eye as well]


Josh: [Under his breath] Thank goodness for that! [Louder] Iím off to pack. See you!

Anna: Well, he seems happy.

Lara: [Smiling broadly to herself as she watches Simonís expression] Heís not the only one.

Anna: [Quietly to Lara] I donít think Simonís happy, man.

Lara: Iím not talking about Simon, Iím talking about me.

Anna: Ahhhh! I get you!

Charlie: [To Duffy, letting go of her hand] What was that for?

Duffy: [Looking a little embarrassed] I donít know. Iím not sure if I want to stay or not. I mean, I want to get back to the kids, but there are aspects of this I quite enjoy.

Charlie: Like what?

Duffy: Spending time out of work with you. Itís nice, thatís all.

Charlie: Youíre not bored of my company yet?

Duffy. No. [Suddenly looking worried] Are you bored of mine?

Charlie: [Laughing] No.

[Meanwhile Lara has got up, and is standing behind Simonís seat on the sofa. She looks smug, he is still clearly shocked]

Lara: [Sarcastically] Such a shame youíll be going. I guess the world just isnít ready for Simon KaminskiÖ Oh, I do hope that this hasnít spoilt your chances for the registrars post. [Whispering] Not exactly been seen in your best light, have you?

Simon: [Rising from his stupor] Or maybe seeing as Iíll the doctor back at work Iíll get the job after all.

Lara: I wouldnít bank on it. Everybodyís seen what youíre really like now, andÖI think you should come with meÖ

[Lara backs around the side of the sofa, making a Ďcome hereí motion with her forefinger. Simon looks puzzled, but there is something almost seductive about Laraís movements and expression, and he grins to himself]

Simon: Now Stoneface, I always knew you wouldnít be able to resist my charms!

Lara: Iím not the only one who has trouble resisting things though, am I?

[Simon clearly doesnít understand what sheís talking about, but gets up and follows her out of the door and into the garden. She leads him to the chicken coop and goes behind it. She gestures for Simon to wait while she retrieves several empty wine and cider bottles]

Simon: [No longer smiling, and looking a little guilty] Whatís this about Lara?

Lara: You mean you donít recognise these?

Simon: Theyíre bottles. Donít they teach you basic shape recognition Down Under?

Lara: Theyíre not just any bottles are they? Iíve seen you standing by these chickens several times now. You take the drink from the house and stash the empties here where no one will find them. Except I did when Spencer asked me to examine the chickens.

Simon: Excuse me Mílud, but where exactly is the proof? They could be Spencerís heís around here more than me.

Lara: I know Spencer. He doesnít drink. Besides itíll all be caught on camera you idiot.

Simon: Whatís the big deal anyway. So I drank a littleÖ So what? Iím a grown up.

Lara: A little? Simon, weíve been here two weeks and youíve got through this much on your own! And the way you went off at Josh wasnít exactly the action of a sober and well balanced person, was it? Youíve got a problem Simon. Use this as an opportunity to get some help.

[Lara turns to leave Simon alone and walks off]

Simon: [Calling after her, with the air of someone who knows theyíve been found out] Iíve got a problem,?! At least Iím not some stuck up Aussie b***h, whoís still hung up on a dead guy.

Lara: [Over her shoulder] Grow up Simon.

Monday, 13:17 - Boys Room

[Josh is packing and still looks pleased. He looks up when he hears a knock at the door]

Josh: Come in!

[Nikki enters]

Nikki: Are you looking forward to going then? Youíre almost packed already!

Josh: [Sitting on his bed] I have to see Colette, explain everything thatís happened, and make sure weíre still, you knowÖok. I canít believe how stupidly Iíve acted.

Nikki: Iím sure sheíll understand. [She sits on the next bed, kicking her legs over the side so her heels bang on the wood work.] You two have a good relationship.

Josh: I always thought so. If you were Colette, would you forgive me?

Nikki: If I was ColetteÖ[Thinks about it for a few seconds] Yeah, I would. I mean, you got a bit jealous, but itís only Ďcause you love her and everything. And you were willing to fight for her, thatís pretty cool.

Josh: I didnít fight! Hurting Simon was an accident.

Nikki: But if it came to it, would you have fought for her.

Josh: If it came to it, Iíd do anything for her.

Nikki: I wish Jack thought like that.

Josh: The lad loves you.

Nikki: He doesnít want this baby, I can tell. He would have said something by now if he did. Heís probably just trying to find a way to dump me gently so he doesnít look like the bad guy in front of everyone.

Josh: If heíd dump you because of this then you deserve better anyway.

Nikki: Thatís what Duffy said.

Josh: Must be true then.

Nikki: Josh, when you leave, will you do me a favour?

Josh: What?

Nikki: Will you visit my parents and make sure theyíre alright. They know all about the baby and Jack and stuff but it must be weird for them watching it all like this. And tell them Iím alright. You know, if they see me crying or fighting with Jack or whateverÖ inside, Iím alright and I still want the baby.

Josh: Theyíll be able to hear all this.

Nikki: I know, but still, will you?

Josh: Yeah. I will.

Nikki: And say hi to Fin and Comfort.

Josh: Ok.

Nikki: And Colette of course.

Josh: Yes Nikki.

Nikki: And tell McGuire that Iíll be there to discuss maternity leave soon.

Josh: [Exasperatedly] Alright! Iíll pass on all of your messages. Just make sure you take care of yourself.

Nikki: [Getting up and walking to Josh] You to. [She kisses the top of his head] See you later!

Monday, 16:00 - Base of the stairs

[All the housemates are gathered to say their goodbyes]


[Josh shakes hands with Charlie and hugs Duffy, everyone is patting him on the back and saying goodbye. Simon is somewhat sidelined and receives far more perfunctory goodbyes. Lara is ignoring him completely, but for once Simon doesnít appear to have anything to say to her.]


Josh: Goodbye everyone, see you all soon.

Simon: Yeah bye.

[They both make their way up the stairs to the door and push it open. The rest of the housemates below strain to see and hear the outside world.]

[From outside] Colette: Josh!

[OS] Josh: Iím so glad to see you.

[OS] Colette: I heard what you said, of course weíre alright!

[OS] Simon: Oh please, someone get me a sick bucket.

[And then the door swings closed]



Tuesday, 10:22 - Garden

Itís ten twenty-two on day nineteen in the Big Brother House. Spencer has been up for several hours and is mowing the lawn. The majority of the rest of the housemates are already succumbing to the apathy of the Big Brother house and have so far failed to make it out of bed.

[Spencer is conscientiously mowing the grass when Dillon enters the garden. He is wearing blue long swimming shorts and carrying a towel. He waves at Spencer when he sees him]

Dillon: Morniní Spence

Spencer: Good morning to you!

Dillon: You sound way too happy for this early. How long have you been out here anyway?

[Dillon puts his towel down on the side of the pool and tentatively gets in]

Spencer: Not long. I had a lie in and only got up at about eight.

Dillon: [Floating on his back] Thatís your idea of a lie in is it?

Spencer: Ah, well, too many years spent on uncomfortable cabin beds and even more uncomfortable pavements. Besides, the morning is the best part of the day.

Dillon: I suppose. It is nice and peaceful out here. It can get a bit crowded with all of us awake.

Spencer: That it can, mind you weíre dwindling now. Four gone only another nine to go!

Dillon: I wonder whoíll be next. What do you think Spence?

Spencer: No idea.

Dillon: Do you want to leave?

Spencer: To be honest I quite like it here. Free room and board, itís a nice house, people arenít so badÖ Is the pool warm?

Dillon: Yep. Just right. You coming in?

Spencer: [Looking a bit perturbed] No, I wonít actually.

Dillon: Come on. [Swims to the side so he can look at Spencer properly] I thought youíd be the first one in, what with you being a Navy bloke and everything.

Spencer: [Trying to laugh it off] I spent years with nothing but water around me. Iím bored of it now!

[The patio door opens again and Lara steps out of the house. She has her hair pulled back from her face and is wearing a towelling robe. She looks like sheís only just woken up]

Dillon: Morning Lara!

Spencer: [Tipping his head at her] Dr Stone.

[She walks up to the pool and sits on the edge, pulling a packet of cigarettes and a lighter from her robe pocket. She lights one, takes a drag, and puts the packet back in her pocket.]

Lara: Morning guys.

Dillon: Are you alright?

Lara: [Yawning] Just tired. Couldnít seem to get to sleep last night.

Spencer: Could be something to do with the Frisbee tournament going on until all hours last night.

Dillon: We werenít that loud! [To Lara, concerned] Were we?

Lara: No, it wasnít you. It was just one of those sleepless nights.

[Dillon opens his mouth to say something and the seems to think better of it. Thereís a pause and Spencer decides to go back to his mowing, obviously sensing an atmosphere between Lara and Dillon]

Lara: [to Dillon] What?

Dillon: Huh?

Lara: Youíre looking at me as if youíre going to say something, so what is it?

Dillon: Nothing. Look, Lara, about the other day, I hope you donít think Iím trying to interfere with your business. I probably shouldnít have said anything about Patrick or Simon. I feel bad about upsetting youÖ We are still friends arenít we?

Lara: [Smiling] I hope so. I shouldnít have snapped at you. We could sit here apologising to each other all day. Letís just call it quits yeah?

Dillon: Yeah. So are you coming in for a swim?

Lara: [Finishing and stubbing out her cigarette] Definitely. Itís why I came out here, thought it might wake me up.

[Lara stands up and takes of her robe, underneath sheís wearing a bikini. Dillonís gaze lingers on her a little too intently as she gets into the pool]

Lara: Shame this poolís not bigger, we could do races and things.

Dillon: You think youíd have a chance against me do you? I was swimming champion at school.

Lara: Show off.

[Lara kicks off to the other side, sending a huge spray of water up and splashing Dillon in the face]

Dillon: Hey!

[He splashes her back and they get in a good natured splash fight, laughing and shrieking. Spencer watches for a second from across the grass, then abandons his mowing to leave them to it and returns to the house.]

Tuesday, 12: 32 - Kitchen.

[Charlie is in the kitchen filling a kettle, Duffy enters. She looks tired. She sits on one of the stools at the counter]

Duffy: If youíre making a coffee Iíll have one.

Charlie: [Retrieving a second mug from the cupboard] You look exhausted.

Duffy: I feel it. Hardly slept a wink last night.

Charlie: Oh?

Duffy: Lara had a nightmare. She was tossing and turning all night. I think Anna and Nikki slept through it but Iíve spent so long training myself to hear if Paulís alright that it woke me straight up.

Charlie: Is she ok?

Duffy: I think so. From what I heard her mumble she was thinking about Patrick, but youíre not supposed to disturb people whoíre having nightmares are you? Or is that sleepwalking? Anyway, I left her to it but it started me thinking about AndrewÖ

Charlie: So are you alright?

Duffy: [Looking a bit teary but forcing herself to smile] Iím fine. You know me, good old Duffy, wonít let the world get me downÖ

Charlie: Need a hug?

Duffy: [Quietly] Yeah.

[Charlie walks round to her and gives her a hug. It lasts a few seconds before they pull away from each other]

Duffy: [Slightly brighter] I am alright you know.

Charlie: I know.

Tuesday, 13: 07 - Boys Room

Jack and Tony are in the boys room, Jack is searching through his brotherís clothes hoping to find something clean to wear rather than have to wash his own clothes.

Tony: Youíre a lazy sod. Canít imagine what Nikki sees in you.

Jack: Donít go there right now mate.

Tony: [Wincing] Sorry, I forgotÖ

Jack: Well, Iím glad you can.

Tony: Have you actually talked to her yet?

Jack: YeahÖ

Tony: I mean since she told you about the baby?

Jack: [Bitterly] And say what?

Tony: Tell her how you feel.

Jack: [Starting to sound angry] I donít know how I feel!

Tony: Alright mate, donít get angry at me!

Jack: Iím not angry at you. Or her, or anyone, Iím just angry, OK. I just want to hit something.

Tony: Good idea. Wait there.

[Tony darts out of the room and returns a few seconds later with a couple of cushions off the sofa. He puts his hands inside the covers and holds them up like boxing pads]

Jack: What are you doing?

Tony: Hit me. Come on, you know youíll feel better for it...

Jack: [Eyeing the cushions suspiciously] Youíre mad you are.

Tony: What harm can it do? You were just saying the other day that youíre missing your training. When you get out of here youíll be so out of practice youíll even lose to that weakling Dave. Theyíll have to put you in the girls leagueÖ

[Tonyís goading seems to work and Jack gets into a boxing stance]

Jack: You ready?

Tony: Yep. Go on!

[Jack tries a few jabs out on the cushions]

Tony: Put some effort in! Youíre supposed to be taking out your aggression on these things. [Nods down at the cushions]

[Jack swings a much stronger right hook. Tony is straining to keep his balance]

Tony: Now tell me what itís forÖ

Jack: That was for.. That was for Nikkiís other bloke for getting her pregnant and leaving. [Punches again] Thatís for her Mum, and [Punches again] Thatís for her Dad for not supporting her.

Tony: Good, come on, what elseÖ

Jack: [Punches] For Nikki going off with him in the first place, [Punches] For her not being careful, [Punches] For her already deciding she wants it more than mÖ I mean for her deciding she wants to keep it [Punches] For not telling me earlier, [Punches] For doing this all here, now.

Tony: Anything else?

Jack: [Punches] For the bloody cancer ruining everythingÖ [Punches] for telling her to leaveÖ[Punches harder] for not being strong enough to ask her to stayÖ [Punches harder still nearly knocking Tony over] for being so stupid!

[He punches again and again but his eyes are glistening with tears and heís biting his bottom lip. The punches get weaker, and when theyíre weak enough Tony drops his defensive stance, sheds the cushions and puts his arm around Jack]

Tony: Dumping her now is not going to put it all right Jack. You still love her or you wouldnít be this upset. In fact Iíve never seen you this gone over of a girl beforeÖ

Jack: [Trying to compose himself] But sheís pregnant.

Tony: So what? You love her, youíd probably have settled down with her and had kids eventually. And even if her family donít care, youíd have me and Gran to help out. Youíll regret it forever if you lose her over this Jack. When you want to be with someone nothing should stop you.

[There is a pause as Jack considers Tonyís words]

Jack: You can really see me as a Dad?

Tony: Yes, but thatís not the point. Can you?

Jack: [He thinks about it] I need to see Nikki.

[Jack walks straight out of the room and into the living room. Nikki and Anna are seated on the sofa. They look up when they hear Jack enter]

Anna: [To Nikki] Do you want me to hang around?

Nikki: No, Iíll be fine.

Anna: You sure?

Nikki: Yeah.

Anna: [Standing and walking past Jack] Youíd better not upset her, man.

[Jack waits until Anna has left the room before sitting next to Nikki]

Nikki: Well?

Jack: Iíve been thinking about this a lotÖ

Nikki: Go onÖ

Jack: I love you, nah, I really mean it. Scouts honour like. I donít want us to break up.

Nikki: [Protectively holding her stomach] And the baby?

Jack: Yeah, and the babyÖ If you still want me?

Nikki: Of course I do. [She puts one hand flat on her stomach and reaches out to hold Jackís hand] You two are the most important people in my life. Are you sure now?

Jack: Yeah. Iím a bit scared about being a parent, but it could be good. I could teach him to box and spin disks and stuff

Nikki: She could be a girlÖ

Jack: Well then Iíll teach her! [Thereís a comfortable silence for a few moments as Nikki cuddles up to Jack. Then, in disbelief] Oh my God, Iím going to be a Dad.

Nikki: [In a matching tone of happy disbelief] And Iím going to be a Mum!



Thursday, 12:00 - Living Room

Itís Midday on the twenty first day in the Big Brother house and the housemates have been gathered together to hear the details of their week three challenge.

[All nine housemates are together on the sofas waiting expectantly for more information]


Anna: [Shrugging but getting up] Ok, Big Bro!

[The otherís all exchange glances about what she might come back with. Anna enters the room and a few seconds later re-emerges with a medium sized box. She places it down in the middle of the sofa square]

Nikki: Whatís in it?

Anna: DunnoÖ [Louder staring at the ceiling] What now BB?


Charlie: Right then.

[He leans over and opens the box, pulling out the sheet on the top. All the others also lean in to get a better look at whatís in the box.]

Tony: Looks like a load of handbags or somethingÖ

Jack: This is well weird.

Duffy: Charlie, what does it say?

Charlie: It says ĎFor the first part of this weeks challenge you have three minutes to take a bag each and pack enough of your belongings to last you twenty four hours. During the twenty four hours you will not have access to the rest of your belongings. When you have finished packing, please go and stand in the garden.í Thatís it.

Lara: Three minutes from when?

Charlie: Now?

Duffy: I think we should get on with it then!

[Everybody grabs on of the small bags and runs to their bedroom to search through their belongings for enough to last them twenty four hours]

Thursday, 12:04 - Garden

The housemates have all done as they were asked and have come together on the lawn waiting for further instruction. None of the housemates have any idea what they will be asked to do now and they are getting a little tense worrying about it.

Nikki: Maybe theyíre going to take us somewhere? Like a field trip?

Dillon: Weíre not at school NikkiÖ

Nikki: [Pouting] You got a better idea then?

Spencer: Iím sure weíll all be told in good time.

Duffy: I just hope weíve all packed the right things. This bag is smaller than my handbag!

Charlie: Itís only twenty four hours, itís not like weíd need much anyway.

Lara: [Jokingly] Speak for yourself, right girls?


Charlie: [Heading to the storeroom] Well, weíll find out soon enough.

[Dillon follows him and they each return seconds later with two bundles and a large holdall. They dump them on the ground by the rest of the group. Duffy kneels down and examines the larger of the bundles]

Duffy: This looks a lot like aÖ

Dillon: Tent. Yeah. Thatís a groundsheet.

Anna: [unzipping the holdall] Blankets. What do the instructions say?

Charlie: ĎBig Brother has provided you with a tent and nine blankets. Your challenge is to spend the next twenty four hours in the garden, with no access to the house at all. The vegetable garden and the chickens will be your only sources of food to be cooked on the barbeque. Utensils, bowls and a small amount of bread and rice can be found in the cupboard under the barbeque. There is an outside toilet and outdoor shower, and you will have only the belongings you packed into the small bags. How you wish to spend your time outside is your own decision. You will be allowed back into the house only at midday tomorrow. Big Brother also informs you that the tent supports have built in infrared cameras so that you will still be observed at all times.í

Duffy: Well, thatís not so bad. I though itíd be terrible, but camping is simple enough. Iíve taken the boys up to the Peak District a couple of times nowÖ It is only for a day.

Charlie: As long as it doesnít rain.

Duffy: We have a tent.

Tony: But we wonít be able to use the barbeque if it rains.

Duffy: Itís a beautiful day, it wonít rain. Come on, cheer up everyone. Thisíll be fun.

[There is a general sound of moaning from the group]

Spencer: I agree with the Sister, thereís nothing wrong with spending a day in the outdoors.

Duffy: Thank you Spencer.

Lara: I suppose it wonít be too bad. I had to cope with some pretty basic conditions in Sierra LeoneÖ

Tony: Jack and I used to go camping sometimes when we were little, right bro?

Jack: [Looking unimpressed by the thought] Yeah. It was horrible. Cold and damp for days and youíd finally get to sleep and then wake up with things crawling all over you. [Shudders] Nasty.

Tony: Jackís scared of spiders and once there was this really big one and it got in his sleeping bag andÖ

Jack: Shut up!

Tony: Oh come on itís really funny!

Jack: No itís not!

Nikki: What? Tell me, tell me, tell me! Go onÖ

Jack: You do and IíllÖ IíllÖ tell them all about your tenth birthday partyÖ

Tony: You wouldnít dare.

Jack: Try me.

Tony: Ok, Ok, nothing happened with Jack and the spiderÖ

Jack: Thank you!

Tony: [Under his breath] He certainly didnít wet himself.

Jack: You littleÖ

[Jack lunges at Tony and Tony runs away. They chase around the garden for a while]

Duffy: [In her most forceful Ďmotherí voice] Boys! Please, calm down. Jack leave your brother alone. Tony, apologise.

[Jack and Tony are so stunned that they both stop and look ashamed of themselves]

Tony: Sorry.

Jack: Síok. [Defensively] I was only four, itís not like it was recent.

Duffy: Now maybe we can get on, put this tent up. Yes?

[The group start emptying the pieces of the tent out of the bundle. Charlie comes round to Duffy]

Charlie: You donít have to be mother to them you know.

Duffy: [Laughing] Donít I? Anyway, in a funny sort of way it makes me feel useful.

[Charlie frowns, clearly not sure that he understands what she means. They lapse into silence as the group try to piece together the tent]

Thursday, 15: 27 - Garden

The housemates have finally succeeded in putting the tent up, it takes up a large amount of room but has been put at the far end of the lawn to give them room to manoeuvre around it. Nikki has found a discarded ice cream tub lid and she, Jack, Tony, Anna, and Dillon have devised a Frisbee game using it. Charlie and Duffy have declined to play but are watching the others with some amusement. Lara and Spencer have volunteered to make dinner, a sort of vegetable stew.

Lara: So do you actually know how to make this?

Spencer: Well, not exactlyÖ Iím sure itíll be edible though, and we can pad it out with the bread and rice.

Lara: But then we wonít have anything for tomorrowÖ

Spencer: We need to have a good filling meal tonight to keep us warm in that tent. Tomorrow weíll be back in the house anyway.

Lara: Thatís true. Very sensible, whatíd we do without you eh?

Spencer: Iím sure youíd survive Dr Stone.

[Thereís a comfortable pause in the conversation as they continue with their food preparation. Lara is chopping carrots, Spencer is peeling potatoes]

Lara: Spencer, can I ask you something?

Spencer: Fire away Dr Stone.

Lara: [Looking slightly uncomfortable all of a sudden] I just wondered, how did you end up homeless?

Spencer: Ah, long storyÖ Basically I let the demon drink get a hold of me.

Lara: I kindaÖ well, I knew that, butÖ why? I mean, you had a good job in the Navy and a family soÖ

Spencer: Why did I start drinking? There was an accident, down at the south pole, a young lad, only seventeenÖ I did the best I could, but I couldnít save him. He died right there in my arms and I couldnĎt forgive myself it. [Pauses, takes a deep breath] You know the only other person Iíve ever explained things to was your Patrick.

Lara: Really? Much as IÖ I love himÖ heís never struck me as the sort of man people would chose to confide in.

Spencer: He was a good bloke, a gentleman. I miss him.

Lara: Youíre not the only one.

Spencer: Iíll tell you what though, Iíll bet you any money heís up there right now laughing at the lot of us in here!

Lara: [Smiling] I think youíre right.

[Meanwhile across the lawn the Frisbee game is continuing with much enthusiasm. Itís a version of Ďpiggy in the middleí four people stand around the edge of the lawn, and one person in the middle who has to try to catch the Frisbee as itís thrown between the others. Anna is currently ĎItí]

Anna: Aww, come on man, you lot are all taller than me, itís not fair!

Jack: [Catching a throw from Dillon to his left and passing it to Tony who is just in front of the pool] You donít have to be taller, just faster!

Anna: [Out of breath] Iím going as fast as I can!

[Tony throws to Nikki, Nikki back to Dillon. Dillon takes too long to decide where heís throwing next and Anna gets up close to mark him. He starts trying to dodge around her.]

Jack: Come on, throw it!

Dillon: Iím trying.

[He makes a few aborted attempts to get past Anna, but sheís being tenacious]

Tony: To me Dillon!

[Dillon jumps up and throws the Frisbee in Tonyís direction. It flies very high, and Tony starts backing in an attempt to be able to catch it. Heís not looking where heís going, stumbles and falls backwards into the pool. There is a big splash and everyone turns to stare. Anna and Nikki start to giggle, but stop when they realise that Tony is flailing around but canĎt right himself enough to get out. He appears to be going under. Everyone rushes forward and Dillon is the first one there. He jumps into the pool and drags Tony out.]

Dillon: Mate, Tony, are you OK?

Tony: [Spluttering and coughing] Yeah. Think so. Thanks.

Jack: [Pushing forward] Tony!

Tony: [Shaking a bit but gradually composing himself] Iím alright. Just give me a minuteÖ

Duffy: [Rushing to the tent and pulling out one of the blankets] HereÖ [Dashing back to Tony] Put this around you.

[He does as she tells him, but is still leaning on Dillon for support. Dillon manoeuvres him around so they sit on the side of the pool together.]

Charlie: I think we should send you off for some medical treatmentÖ

Tony: I am perfectly OK, Iím just not a good swimmer thatís all. Iím fine Charlie, honestly.

Charlie: Lara? Youíre our doctorÖ

Lara: Moving in to take a good look at Tony, checking his pulse] He seems alright. I think if he just gets into some dry clothes and has a sit down for a while heíll be fine.

Tony: You heard her, Iím fine.

Dillon: Come on, lets get you into the tent.

[Dillon leads Tony to the tent, and everyone else disperses and sits down a little subdued]

Jack: I donít think they should allow us in this garden, itís well dangerous out here!

[Spencer and Lara are heading back to the barbeque. Spencer seems even quieter than normal]

Lara: Spencer? Are you alright?

Spencer: [he does his best to clear his expression, but still looks slightly perturbed] The sound he made when he fell, all the slashingÖ And because weíve just been talking about it allÖ reminded me, you know. But really Iím fine.

Lara: Good.

[She gives him a quick hug, and he blushes]

Thursday, 15: 40 - Inside the tent

[Tony is pulling a spare T shirt and shorts from his small bag. Dillon is already changed out of his wet clothes and is hovering about looking worried for his friendís condition]

Dillon: Are you sure you donít want a proper check up?

Tony: Lara says Iím alright. Except I can still taste the chlorine from the pool. [He makes a face]

Dillon: No permanent damage done then.

Tony: No. [Waitís a second, his brow furrowed as though trying to decide what to say next] DillonÖ

Dillon: Yep.

Tony: Thanks for saving me.

Dillon: Thatís OK, would have done the same for anyone.

Tony: Would you make such an effort to make sure they were OK too?

Dillon: [Looking confused] I donít know what you meanÖ

Tony: Just that not even my own brother has come in to make sure Iím recovered.

Dillon: Tony, Iím sure Jackís worried about you. Probably just doesnít want to crowd you. Maybe I should go tooÖ

Tony: No donít! [calms down a bit] I just mean, well, itís good to have the company. I like your company.

Dillon: [Still seeming confused and a little awkward] I like yours too.

Tony: [Beaming] Good. You know, from the moment we met I knew that we had aÖ bond with each other.

Dillon: [Backing to the tent opening] Weíre mates.

Tony: [Moving forward towards Dillon] But itís more than that, isnít it? The way you helped me just now, the way you held meÖ

Dillon: Look, I donít know what youíre on about Tony. You looked like you were drowning so I helped you. Thatís it, nothing more than that.

Tony: [Stopping his advance] But Iíve seen the way you act, the way you look at meÖ Dillon, you can be honest about it. I feel the same way.

Dillon: [Looking very flustered] Tony, Iím not gay. I donít have feelings for you beyond friendship. I never have, I never will.

Tony: ButÖ

Dillon: There isnít a Ďbutí Tony. Iím sorry, I canít help how I amÖ Iím not gay!

[Dillon turns and leaves the tent, leaving Tony, still wrapped in his sodden blanket, looking devastated]



Friday, 01:12 - Garden

Day twenty-two in the Big Brother House, and the housemates have been challenged to live in the garden for twenty-four hours. The house has not been locked for the duration of the challenge, but so far no one has been tempted to try to go inside, not even after Tonyís near drowning. Itís now night time and the housemates have built a campfire using some of the barbeque fuel. Tony s the only member of the household to have retired to bed already.

[Everyone bar Tony has brought their blankets out to sit on and wrap up with, and are in a circle around the camp fire. Nikki and Jack are cuddled up together. Lara is sitting next to Dillon sharing a blanket across their shoulders. Duffy and Anna are attempting to toast small pieces of bread on the fire using long twigs. They are having little success.]

Lara: Itís a nice night to be outside on.

Charlie: Thank god it didnít rain.

Anna: Charlie man, youíve jinxed it now!

Dillon: Well, weíre over half way through this challenge and so far weíve done well.

Anna: Shame about Tony though. Is he alright? Iíve barely seen him since the pool incident.

Dillon: Heís fine.

Anna: Maybe someone should go check on him? [Looks accusingly at Jack] Jack?

Jack: Heíll be fine. Besides Iím comfortable here.

[Nikki grins and cuddles closer]

Anna: He is your family Jack!

Jack: And so are Nikki and Jack Junior here. Tonyís big enough and ugly enough to look after himself.

Lara: You could go Dillon. You too seem to get on well.

Dillon: [Defensively] No we donít!

Anna: Of course you do man, what are you talking about?

Dillon: I just think someone else would be better. You go Anna, if youíre so worried about him.

Anna: Fine. If no one else acres, I will.

[Anna gets up and goes to the tent]

Friday, 01:14 - Tent

[Tony is wrapped up in blanket huddled up on the floor when Anna walks in]

Anna: Itís freezing in here! Tony, youíll end up with pneumonia . Come out to the fire with the rest of us.

Tony: [Sounding subdued] Nah, Iíll be alright here.

Anna: Whatís up?

[She sits down on the floor next to him, and he sits up]

Tony: Iíve made a prat of myself, thatís all.

Anna: Everyone will have forgotten by morning. You fell into a pool, big deal. Weíre all friends here man.

Tony: [grunting laughter] I donít think so.

Anna: What do you mean by that. Tony, tell me, Iím a mate arenít I?

Tony: Yeah, you are. I suppose everyone in the world knows now anywayÖ

Anna: Knows what? [Nudging him playfully] Donít keep me in suspense!

Tony: You remember that I said I fancied someone I work withÖ well, heís here.

Anna: Nah, youíre kidding, who?!

Tony: Anna! Who do you think? Itís not going to be Jack, and Charlie and Spencer arenít exactly my type.

Anna: [Taking a second to think about who that leaves] Ooooooh Dillon. Well he is good looking, just donít tell him I said that! I donít get why youíre all weird about it now though.

Tony: I sort of told him. I really thought he was interested Anna.

Anna: But Iíve seen him with girlsÖ

Tony: That doesnít always mean anything. Does this time though. How am I ever supposed to face him again?

Anna: Heíll be alright about it.

Tony: If one of your girls friends made a pass at you how would you feel about it. Be honest nowÖ

Anna: [Looking a little bit guilty] Iíd be well freaked out by it. I mean, itíd kinda be flattering I suppose but if it was someone Iíd been friends with for a whileÖ itíd be weird.

Tony: Heís never gonna talk to me again now. Iíve lost a really good friend just ícause I misjudged the situation.

Anna: You canít hide in the tent forever though.

Tony: I can try.

Friday: 01: 20 - Garden

Following the comments about it raining, Charlie and Duffy have decided that they should water the vegetable garden and have left the others around the camp fire chatting.

Charlie: What did you mean earlier about feeling useful?

Duffy: Nothing, it doesnít matter Charlie. Can you turn the tap on?

Charlie. [Turning the tap on] There you goÖ The thing is, it sounded like it meant something.

Duffy: Iím just missing home.

Charlie: And thatís all?

Duffy: Yes.

Charlie: Duffy? Why did you come here? I mean we all need our heads read, but youíre the only one of us with a young family outside.

Duffy: I want the prize money.

Charlie: None of us are here for that. For the experience, for fun, Ďcause we have nothing better to do, or because we got roped in by our girlfriendÖ

Duffy: Fine then. I got roped in by my girlfriend.

Charlie: Duffy, Iím only trying to understand. I usually have a pretty good idea why you do things but this has me baffled.

[Duffy walks back to the tap and turns it off, dumping her hose in a heap on the paving. Charlie is waiting for her to speak]

Duffy: You want the truth?

Charlie: Always.

Duffy: I didnít want to be left out. [Charlie motions to speak and she silences him with a look] Let me finish Charlie. I know where I stand at home. Iím a mother and a daughter, and a widow. I know Iím needed to look after the kids, and the house and that they love me, and so does Mum, no matter how difficult she can be. But at work I feel, well, I feel, I donít know, superfluous to requirements.

Charlie: Youíre the Charge Nurse, of course we need you!

Duffy: You need a Charge Nurse. It wouldnít matter if it was me, or Eve or Ash. Coletteís been around more than I have this year, sheís practically doing my job now. Nobody notices if Iím there or not.

Charlie: I notice.

Duffy: Do you though? We used to spend time together. We used to discuss the department, work as a team, we used to have a coffee together in our breaks. Now Iím the last person to find out whatís going on in the department. No one even told me that Max had resigned, I found out by overhearing a couple of student nurses on the bus in. And you spend all your free time with JanÖ

Charlie: Youíre not jealous of Jan? Duffy, youíve been my best friend for years, my relationship with Jan shouldnít change that.

Duffy: But it does. I donít like her, she doesnít like me. Of course itíll make a difference to our friendship.

Charlie: You donít like her? Why?

Duffy: [Practically spitting] Sheís scheming and manipulative.

Charlie: [Appalled, and glancing up at one of the cameras as if to see if Jan was watching proceedings] Duffy!

Duffy: I said as much to her face before she left. She got rid of Max and sheís using you to keep the rest of us in place.

Charlie: Thatís rubbish, Jan isnít like that.

Duffy: So youíd trust a woman youíve been sleeping with for five minutes over a friend of nearly twenty years standing. Well thanks a bunch Charlie.

Charlie: Iím just saying I think you have her all wrong. You need to spend some time with her, get to know her.

Duffy: I donít want to get to know her! Look, Charlie, youíre my closest friend and I want to see you happy. I was a bit surprised when I found out about Jan but I gave her a chance, I encouraged you and I was really happy that one of us was getting their life on track, but since thenÖ[Takes a calming breath] I donít trust her. Sheís out for her own gain and she doesnít care who she tramples on in the process. You deserve better than her.

Charlie: Better than her? Like who? I love her Duffy, and Iím sorry you have such a low opinion of her but really itís got nothing to do with you. Maybe she isnít perfect but who of us is? Iím sorry if you feel left out, and Iíll make an effort to include you more in work matters from now on, but Iím not ending things with Jan.

Duffy: Sheíll hurt you!

Charlie: What youíve said about her hurts me. [Sighing] Duffy, itís far too late at night to discuss this now. Iím tired, Iím going to turn in.

Duffy: I donít want us to fight.

Charlie: Neither do I. Thatís why I think we should drop this subject now. Goodnight.

[Charlie walks off and leaves Duffy behind. When heís out of sight she breaks down into tears and becomes so busy trying to control her tears with the sleeve of her jumper that she obviously doesnít hear Lara approach]

Lara: Duffy? Is there anything I can do?

Duffy: [Sniffing and composing herself, looking embarrassed about her state] No, Lara.

Lara: Did you have an argument with Charlie? I saw him storm offÖ

Duffy: Sometimes I think my mouth and my brain arenít connected at all. Of course he believes her, I knew he would. He loves her.

Lara: Jan? Duffy, I donít understandÖ

Duffy: It doesnít matter Lara, really. Weíll sort it out, we always do sooner or later. I just hope sheís watching, and she feels bloody guilty for the way she treats him.

Friday, 12:00 - Garden

All nine housemates are dotted around the garden. There has a distinct lack of conversation between them since they awoke four hours ago and ate a meagre rice-y breakfast. In some cases this appears due to what was said before, but the others are also sore and tired from a night spent on the ground. The sky is overcast and they are just waiting to be let back inside.


Charlie: Thank God for that.

Jack: Iím in the shower first. I can still feel things crawling on me!

[They all file in, Dillon and Tony avoiding each other regardless of Anna trying to herd then together. Duffy smiles tentatively at Charlie, and he returns the gesture but doesnít go over to talk to her and instead heads straight to the boyís room. ]

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