DAY 11

Monday, 11:22 - Diary room

Day eleven in the Big Brother house and all weekend the housemates have been nervous of the public poll to evict them. Simon has come to the diary room to discuss his feelings with Big Brother.

[Simon is sitting in the diary room chair looking slightly subdued]

Simon: Good morning Big Brother.


Simon: I’m alright.


Simon: The results of the karaoke challenge on Friday.


Simon: Yeah, yeah, I know all that, but how could you have only given me six? I was hot on Friday, I gave much more of a performance than Anna and her tired old Abba song!


Simon: Come on, give me a break, it’s a vocally challenging song! Look, the others think that I let them down, they’re acting like I’m the enemy or something which of course doesn’t look good for my promotional prospects… [He smiles in an ingratiating fashion at the camera.]


Simon: [Looking fed up] Fine.


Simon: [Thinks for a second] Yeah, actually. A few more bottles of alcohol wouldn’t go amiss around here, I’m.. we’re nearly out.


Simon: Cheers Big Bruv.

Monday, 11:25 - Living Room

[Lara and Dillon are alone in the living room. Lara is smoking, Dillon has his feet up on the table and is reading a magazine]

Dillon: I wish I’d brought some proper books or something. I must have read this magazine five times already!

Lara: Time does seem to go slowly in here.

Dillon: Well, by tonight two of us will be back in the real world. I wonder who…

Lara: If there’s any justice in the world it’ll be bloody Simon. I’m sick and tired of that man.

Dillon: He doesn’t seem too bad. A bit full of himself perhaps, but he wouldn’t be the first doctor to be like that. Present company excluded of course!

Lara: [Takes a long last drag on her cigarette and stubs it into the ashtray on the table] I know what you’re thinking, that he’s like Patrick. But he’s not, Dillon.

Dillon: [Discarding the magazine in order to give Lara his full attention] Are you sure that your feelings for Patrick aren’t colouring your feelings about Simon?

Lara: [Snapping] That’s c**p.

Dillon: Is it? Simon has come into the hospital as Patrick’s replacement. Of course in your eyes he’ll never match up to Patrick’s memory and so you’re… taking out your grief and frustration on him?

Lara: I don’t need you to psychoanalyse my feelings about Patrick or Simon. The guy’s a jerk, pure and simple. How you can’t see that is a mystery to me.

Dillon: I was only trying to help Lara.

[Lara gets up and stands over Dillon, clutching her engagement ring for emotional support]

Lara: In future don’t bother, I’m not one of your Samaritans clients!

[Lara stalks off to the garden, leaving Dillon slight shell shocked by her outburst]

Monday, 11:27 - Garden

[Lara enters the garden, and sees that Jack, Tony, Anna and Colette are in the pool. They wave to her, she waves half heartedly back. Then she spots Spencer feeding the chickens and walks over to him]

Lara: How are they doing?

Spencer: Ah, well, chickens aren’t one of my specialities, but I’d say they’re doing well Doctor Stone.

Lara: Lara.

Spencer: Sorry. Old habits die hard. Are you feeling ok? You look a little pale.

Lara: I just had an argument with Dillon.

Spencer: I’m sorry to hear that. It’s never nice to argue with your friends.

Lara: Especially when he didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just every little thing makes me fly off the handle these days. I can’t stop myself.

Spencer: Grief effects different people in different ways. There are worse ways, believe me.

Lara: [Trying to laugh] Worse than alienating the few friends you have?

Spencer: [Comfortingly] I’m sure he’ll understand.

Lara: I hope so.

Monday, 14:56 - Living Room

[Duffy is on the sofa, flicking through a magazine. Jan comes over and sits on the adjacent sofa. Duffy ignores her presence]

Jan: Nice weather we’re having isn’t it?

Duffy: [Not looking up] Yes.

Jan: I was going to make a cup of tea, do you want one?

Duffy: No thank you.

Jan: [sighing] I am trying to be civil.

Duffy: [placing magazine back on the table and turning to face Jan] So am I.

Jan: Look, I know that we haven’t got off to the best of starts but I would like for us to be friends, for Charlie’s sake if nothing else. I know how much you mean to him.

Duffy: Do you?

Jan: You’re his closest friend, I can respect that.

Duffy: And that’s why you give me the evil eye every time I come within six feet of him, is it? And what about Max? Max and Charlie were friends until you made him resign.

Jan: I don’t know what rumours have been spread about the hospital with regards to Mr Gallagher’s resignation, but I stood up for him against the board. I even offered my own resignation, although the board rejected it.

Duffy: [Sarcastically] How terribly fortunate for you.

Jan: I could get you a copy of the minutes for the meeting if you don’t believe me.

Duffy: That’s not necessary. I believe you. I believe that you instigated the whole affair so that you knew what the final outcome would be. You knew that the board would only be happy with Max’s neck in the noose.

Jan: An interesting theory, I’ll give you that. Pure fairytale of course. How could I possibly have known how the board would react?

Duffy: Because you’re one of them.

Jan: I see, we’re back to the us versus them mentality, are we? Charlie has accepted that isn’t the case, can’t you? We’re all in it for the good of the hospital…

Duffy: Charlie’s objectivity is clouded. For the time being. It won’t take him forever to work out that the information the paper had on Max could only have come from hospital records, that it happened to get leaked at exactly the time when you wanted to bump the Norwalk scandal off the front pages, and that in all of this you’re the only one to have benefited!

Jan: How exactly did I benefit from such an unfortunate state of affairs?

Duffy: You were in the firing line over Justine Walker’s son’s death, now suddenly you’re the woman who rooted out Doctor Drugs and made the world a safer place to live in.

Jan: I’d hardly say ‘rooted out’…

Duffy: I’ve read the press statements and the newspaper reports. You’ve managed to come out of all this positively glowing. It won’t last, you know.

Jan: If this is all so blatantly obvious to you, then why hasn’t Charlie seen it? He’s an intelligent man, he knows enough about the politics of the hospital.

Duffy: Because of you.

Jan: [sighing] Really Duffy, so I’m brainwashing him too am I?

Duffy: Not brainwashing exactly…

Jan: Than what, exactly?

Duffy: He doesn’t want to believe that you’re capable of such a thing.

Jan: And why’s that?

Duffy: Because he’s in love with you.

[Jan is stunned into silence momentarily. Duffy looks unhappy with this revelation.]

Duffy: Surely you realised that, or have you just been stringing him along in this little power game you’ve been playing…?

Jan: My feelings for Charlie are genuine. I care about him, I… I… love him. I didn’t realise that his feelings for me went so deep…

Duffy: It’s written all over his face, and it’s the only reason that I don’t go back to the press and set the record straight about you. It would break his heart, and I don’t want to be responsible for doing that.


[Duffy and Jan’s conversation is interrupted and they ignore each other once more as the others file in from around the house and garden. Charlie arrives and sits next to Jan. He gives her a look as if to ask if she was alright and she nods that she is. Eventually everyone settles]


[Everybody looks stunned by the news. Charlie puts his arm protectively around Jan and for the first time she relaxes against him and hugs him back in front of all the other housemates. Meanwhile Colette is hiding behind her hands so that no one can see her expression. Josh is trying to comfort her, but he looks shocked and slightly bewildered. The others are starting to calm down and Simon in particular looks very relieved.


[Colette jumps straight up and runs to the girls bedroom, Josh follows her. The others drift away leaving Charlie and Jan on the sofa together]

Charlie: It’s not the end of the world. In fact I’m quite jealous, I miss the outside world!

Jan: I know. You’re right. I should be pleased I can get back to my routine. I was never going to fit in around here anyway. There’s too much bad blood over the Norwalk thing and Max’s departure.

Charlie: No one holds you responsible for that.

Jan: They do Charlie. They do. And I did play my part in it…

Charlie: You were just doing your job. Everyone’s a bit emotional about it, but they’ll come round. I know you fought for Max. I know you could never sell a friend out.

[Jan turns her head away from Charlie so he can’t see her guilty expression. He kisses her cheek]

Charlie: I’m going to miss you.

Jan: [Composing herself, and turning back to Charlie] I’ll miss you too.

Monday, 15:11 - Girl’s Bedroom

[Colette is clearly distressed by the vote and is packing her belongings by throwing them angrily at her suitcase, and storming around the room. Josh is sitting on the bed opposite awkwardly. He obviously doesn’t know what to say to her.]

Colette: [Sniffing back tears but sounding angry] I can’t believe this!

Josh: [Calmly] It’s only a game Colette. It doesn’t matter…

Colette: [Interrupting him] Of course it matters! I was voted off. That means that people don’t like me!

Josh: Jan was voted off too.

Colette: Exactly! Everyone knows nobody likes Jan.

Josh: I think she’s alright.

[Colette stops her packing and stares at Josh as though he’s mad. He shrugs a ‘what?’ gesture. She shakes her head and goes back to her packing]

Colette: [Still sounding angry] I’m a nice person, aren’t I?

Josh: Of course you are. The vote doesn’t mean anything, your friends are still your friends. I still love you.

[Colette sinks down onto her bed, and Josh darts over to sit next to her so he can put his arm around her]

Josh: Think of it this way, you get your privacy back. You can go down to London and visit Natalie and the baby… or you could get back to work and be in charge until Charlie or Duffy get out…

Colette: [Dejectedly] I suppose so.

Josh: I’m the one who’s going to be stuck here for at least another week, and now I won’t be with you.

Colette: I’ll watch every day to see how you are… Oh I can’t believe I’m out on the first week!

Monday, 15:32 - Bathroom

[Colette is collecting her washing that she left drying on the radiator in the bathroom. Simon enters]

Simon: Oh sorry, I’ll wait.

Colette: [Picking up the last item] It’s Ok, I’m done, the place is yours.

Simon: I was sorry to hear that you’re going

Colette: [Looking resigned, but still grumpy] Two of us had to go I suppose.

Simon: Shame it was you though, that’s all.

[Simon moves towards her and leans on his outstretched arm against the wall]

Colette: I think I’m actually going to miss this place.

Simon: [Leaning further toward her] Are you going to miss me?

[He grins and raises an eyebrow in a flirty manner. Colette’s frown fades away and she smiles back]

Colette: I suppose I am.

Simon: [By now very close to her] How’s about a goodbye kiss then, eh?

[As soon as Simon starts to speak she recoils from him, looking concerned]

Colette: Have you been drinking? [She lowers her voice] Simon it’s the middle of the day!

Simon: [Shrugging] What else is there to do around here?

[He reaches out and touches her arm in an intimate rather than purely friendly movement. Just as he does so the door opens and Josh walks in. Colette jumps away from Simon, and it is unclear whether Josh saw what was going on. ]

Josh: We’re having a little goodbye party in the garden. See you out there.

[Josh turns and leaves without further comment. Simon starts laughing]

Simon: God that was close!

Colette: It wasn’t close because nothing was going on.

[She turns and leaves him still chuckling to himself]

Monday, 14:00 - Base of the stairs.

It’s time for the chosen evictees to leave, and everyone is gathered to say a final goodbye.


Charlie: [To Jan] I’ll see you soon, alright?

[She kisses him on the lips and Jack, Nikki and Anna start whooping cheers at them. Charlie and Jan blush.]

Jan: [Only just audible over the noise] I love you Charlie.

Charlie: [Beaming, but a little surprised too] I love you too.

Josh: [To Colette] I’ll miss you.

Colette: Me too. Come here.

[She stretches up to kiss him, but he kisses her cheek before she gets the chance to go for anything more passionate]

Josh: See you soon. Goodbye.

Colette: Josh, why are you being like this…


[Reluctantly the women pull away from their partners and ascend the stairs. Below them the others are cheering and shouting goodbye. Jan pushes through the door first, followed by Colette with a lingering and confused look back at Josh. Then the door closes and the others stand around wondering what to do next]



Wednesday, 14:28 - Boys Room

Day thirteen in the Big Brother house and since the departure of Jan the communal mealtimes have fallen apart. Duffy has tried to take over her role but has recognised that she doesn’t have the same authority over the housemates as Jan did, and has resigned herself to simply keeping an eye on things. She has noticed that Josh hasn’t yet eaten and is concerned for him.

[Duffy enters the boys bedroom with a plate of sandwiches and sees Josh sitting on his bed. The room is a mess, and the appearance is not helped by the fact that Jack has pulled Colette’s mattress into the room so he doesn’t have to be on the sofa anymore. Josh looks up as Duffy enters.]

Duffy: I bought you a sandwich

Josh: I was going to make something later.

Duffy: [Walking to his bed to hand him the plate] Well, I’ve saved you the trouble. [She sits]

Josh: Thanks. [He starts to eat.]

Duffy: Missing Colette?

Josh: [Distractedly] Yes.

Duffy: I miss the boys. I even miss Mum! But it’ll be over soon enough…

Josh: I know.

Duffy: If it’s any consolation I think she’ll be missing you just as much. She seemed really upset to leave.

Josh: I’ll bet.

Duffy: [Concerned by his tone of voice] What’s happened?

Josh: [Ignoring her question and setting the remainder of the sandwich aside] Duffy, can I ask you something?

Duffy: Sure.

Josh: When you do get out of here, are you going to watch it back?

Duffy: [Laughing] And see what a prat I’ve made of myself! I don’t think so.

Josh: But aren’t you interested in finding out what other people are saying about you behind your back?

Duffy: Like spying on them you mean? [She looks worried by this thought] I’m not sure I want to know what other people are saying… Josh, it’s not like you to be paranoid.

Josh: I’m not paranoid. [Sighs] Am I? We’ve all said things without remembering we’re being watched and recorded, things that we wouldn’t necessarily want other people to hear…

[Duffy shifts uncomfortably as though she hadn’t really thought about it before but is now realising that she has said such things. Josh seizes on an opportunity to deflect attention from his own worries]

Josh: [Trying to sound light hearted] You look guilty.

Duffy: [Groans] I had an argument with Jan before she left. I got a bit carried away. I didn’t have any rock solid proof for what I said, so it probably hasn’t affected her too much… but I could live without Charlie ever hearing it. Anyway there’s not much I can do about that.

Josh: You could talk to Charlie, warn him.

Duffy: Maybe… [Frowns] But what are you concerned about. What have you done?

Josh: It’s not me, it’s… someone else. I think I saw something, I’m not certain, I just have this feeling. I can’t stop thinking about it. I want to trust her…

Duffy: Colette?

Josh: I should just trust her, shouldn’t I? I shouldn’t need to watch the footage, I should just trust her…

Duffy: What do you think she did?

Josh: Nothing. She wouldn’t. She’s my wife, she wouldn’t.

[Josh goes back to the sandwich, and can’t look at Duffy. Duffy, rubs his arm gently before leaving him to it]

Wednesday, 15:09 - Kitchen

[Anna and Tony are in the kitchen. Anna is sitting on one of the work surface’s and Tony is scooping ice cream into two bowls]

Anna: You know the best thing about this house?

Tony: Er… the pool?

Anna: Nah, man, the best thing is that it’s always sunny. Have you noticed that? Every day is beautiful! You wake up when you want, sunbathe, relax… I’m going to hate going back to work after this.

Tony: Here [Hands her a bowl of ice cream and a spoon] I see what you mean. Certainly beats cleaning out bedpans for a living.

Anna: Well you wanted to be an EDA.

Tony: And I still do. Actually, once I’ve saved up a bit, I might…

Anna: Might what?

Tony: Train to be a nurse. I talked to Charlie, he seemed really positive about it. Jack does too, in fact.

Anna: Then go for it man! I think you’d be a really wicked nurse.

Tony: It’d mean leaving the department though. It could be ages before I got a chance to work in A&E again.

Anna: What? And you’d miss us? Aww man, you big softie!

Tony: [Blushing] I’ve made some good friends here.

Anna: We’ll still be your friends…

Tony: I know, but…

Anna: But what?

Tony: There’s this guy, and if I leave the department I won’t see him…

[Tony stares down at his bowl looking a bit uneasy. Anna leans towards him looking excited]

Anna: Come on, tell me more! [She nudges him] Who’ve you got your eye on?

Tony: You think I’ll tell you in here!

Anna: [Looking disappointed but understanding] You think he’s interested though?

Tony: Maybe… I’ll never find out if I leave though. I think he just needs some time to come to terms with himself.

Anna: [Looking puzzled] You mean he’s straight?

Tony: I mean he’s not ‘out’ yet.

Anna: Are you sure that he’s ‘in’ and not just straight?

Tony: He reminds me of me just before I came out. Acts the same, you know? All nervous and shy and stuff, and he gets this look when he’s around like he’s embarrassed.

Anna: The fabled Gaydar in action eh? You’d better be sure though man, or you’re going to make a right wally of yourself.

Tony: I’m sure, no I’m positive.

Wednesday, 20:45 - Garden

[Simon is leaning over the fence that pens in the chickens. He has an open bottle of wine in his hands and looks a bit unsteady]

Simon: Hello chickies! Don’t you have a nice little life there. You just stand around oblivious to everything else. One cock and seven hens, you, my boy, have it easy. You get you pick of the girlies. Your little brother chicken isn’t going to come along and ruin it all for you is he? No, you get whoever you want.

[Simon takes another swig of the bottle, then shakes it next to his ear. He looks fed up, and walks around to the back of the coop to deposit the bottle out of sight. Meanwhile Josh and Nikki have entered the garden. She looks excited and immediately darts off to the grass area and is pacing across it as if measuring it. Josh looks less enthusiastic. He spots Simon and is watching him as he returns to his former position]

Simon: I don’t see why I should lose her because of him, I mean, what’s he got that I haven’t, hmm? I’ve got the brains and the looks… Why would a gorgeous woman like her wanna marry him anyway? How can she keep going back to him, eh chickens?

Nikki: [Shouting across the lawn] Josh! Josh!!

[Josh is transfixed on Simon and doesn’t answer. He looks undecided about whether to rip Simon’s head off, or simply burst into tears. Nikki bounds over to him.]

Nikki: I thought you were going to help?

Josh: Not now Nikki.

Nikki: [Following his line of sight to Simon] What’s so interesting about him?

Josh: [Sadly] I don’t know…

Nikki: Are you going to help or what?

Josh: [Turning to her at last] Can’t you ask Jack?

Nikki: [Suddenly looking less chirpy] I could, I suppose.

Josh: Don’t tell me you to have fallen out as well?

Nikki: Oh, no, it’s not that. Not exactly… As well as who?

Josh: No one. Come on then, lets get this pitch set up.

Wednesday, 20:47 - Kitchen

[Charlie is looking through the cupboards searching for something, Lara enters the room and goes to fill the kettle]

Lara: Lost something Charlie?

Charlie: [With his head inside an under work surface cupboard] I could have sworn that… ah! Oh, hang on… [He emerges with a bottle of wine] This is all there is left. I thought we got quite a lot of alcohol in with our shopping order?

Lara: Yeah we did. Are you sure that’s all that’s left?

Charlie: Positive. I was going to suggest that Duffy and I have it with our meal, but I’d feel bad if we drank the last of it.

Lara: Well it doesn’t bother me… [Smiling] Might bother Jan though.

Charlie: [Frowning] Duffy and I have been friends for years, it’s not like we’ve never had a meal together before.

Lara: I’m not saying anything Charlie. I’m kinda jealous actually, that you have your friends in here.

Charlie: You have friends in here too.

Lara: Well, there’s Spencer, who’s sweet, but we’re not that close. I can’t seem to talk to Dillon without biting his head off at the moment. I’m not really close to anyone else, most of my friends are from outside of work. [Slightly wistfully] I could really go for a night on the town with Peta right now. She always knows how to cheer me up.

Charlie: You’re welcome to join me and Duffy.

Lara: Thanks Charlie, but I don’t want to intrude.

Charlie: You wouldn’t be. There’s plenty of food [He indicates a saucepan on the hob] and I wouldn’t feel as bad about opening this [holds up the bottle].

Lara: Are you sure Duffy won’t mind?

Charlie: Why would she?

Lara: Duffy and I haven’t really been on good terms since I shouted at her when she was trying to be supportive over Patrick. I know she was just trying to help, but… well, she just picked a bad time.

Charlie: Good opportunity to mend some bridges then.

Lara: [Nodding slowly] OK. [Smiling] Thanks Charlie.

[Charlie goes to look at the saucepan. It doesn’t look very inspiring but he tastes it and seems pleased]

Charlie: You can help me serve up then.



Thursday, 13:21 - Garden

Day Fourteen, and Nikki with some help from the other housemates has organised a group activity to help pass the time. In celebration of the outside world’s World Cup fever, the housemates have planned a football match of their own.

[All eleven housemates are gathered together. Simon in holding his head and looks hungover Josh looks miserable, but everyone else seems in good spirits. Nikki is standing on one of the white wire chairs, she has a number of fabric loops slung over her arm.]

Nikki: Right guys, we have to pick teams.

Anna: Bagsy the ref!

Nikki: OK, Anna’s the referee then. I’m team captain for one side…

Jack: [Interrupting] Me for the other! And I think it should be girls versus boys.

Lara: Which puts seven people on your team and three on ours if Anna’s the referee. Mind you, if that’s what you’ll think it’ll take for you to win…

Jack: Against you!

Dillon: No offence but I don’t think you, Nikki and Duffy would be much of a match for the England squad.

Duffy: Well, no offence but I don’t think you lot would do much better!

Charlie: Oh dear, you’ve awakened Duffy’s competitive side…

Duffy: Hey!

Nikki: Come on you lot, two of you come join us…

Jack: [Looking around the group] You can have Spencer. [To Spencer] Sorry mate.

Spencer: [Lightheartedly] Fine, I know when I’m not wanted. But you just lost yourself a top goalie…

Jack: And… Simon. [To Tony next to him] Bloke looks dead on his feet!

[Lara groans but says nothing. Simon is in no mood to comment]

Nikki: Fine. [Pulls the fabric loops off her arm and hands them around her team to us as sashes] Right, the goals are between those rocks there… and there. Big Brother has given us a whistle, stopwatch, which we have to give back when we’re done, and a ball, but also said that if the ball goes over the wall we won’t get it back, so be careful.

[Nikki jumps down off the wire thingy and give Anna the whistle. They all walk out onto the ‘pitch’ and split into there teams. Charlie and Spencer go in their respective goals]

Anna: Right, seeing as we don’t have a coin to toss, I give the first kick to Nikki’s team.

Josh: Hey, that’s bias!

Anna: Yeah. So? Right, everyone ready?

[Anna blows the whistle and Nikki kicks off. Nikki passes to Duffy who is unmarked, Duffy heads to the goal, Tony comes in to tackle, but Duffy avoids him, passes to Lara who sends the ball straight past Charlie into the goal area.]

Anna: Goal! Lara well done man! And Duffy too, I never knew you were good at this.

Duffy: [Shrugging] I live with two boys, you know, you pick things up…

Jack: Right lads, we can’t be beaten by a load of girls!

[The game continues, Jack’s team, realising that Nikki’s team aren’t going to be the walkovers that they assumed they would be, step up their pace. Simon isn’t really joining in though]

Lara: [Shouting to Simon] Are you on our team or what?

Simon: You never pass to me Stoneface, what am I supposed to do?

[Lara gets the ball from Dillon who it has seemed is reluctant to tackle any of the women out of courtesy]

Lara: Here then!

[She kicks the ball back to Simon, who Jack’s team have been ignoring and so is undefended. He appears to snap out of his grogginess after a startled second, and makes a dash up the left side with the ball at his feet. Jack, Tony and Josh all go for the ball. Josh gets their first but it’s difficult to see what happens as they collide. Simon is now lying on the grass holding his shin. Everybody gathers round.]

Charlie: OK everyone, stand back, give him room.

[There is a small amount of blood seeping through the shin area of his tracksuit bottoms]

Simon: [In pain] He kicked me!

Charlie: [rolling up Simon’s trouser leg] Who did?

Lara: [Kneeling down to look at the injury and pressing the leg gently] Does that hur…?

Simon: Ooooooowwww!

Lara: Oh don’t be such a wuss, it’s not that deep. It’ll hardly need a sticking plaster.

Simon: It could be broken! He could have broken my leg!

Duffy: Calm down Simon. No one did anything deliberately.

Simon: He did! Why’d you kick me man?

[Everyone turns to see where Simon is looking. He’s looking at Josh]

Josh: It was an accident. Sorry.

Lara: Can you stand up?

Simon: An accident, look at me!

[The wound is still oozing blood despite Lara’s assurance that it isn’t serious. Simon is helped to his feet by Charlie and Dillon. He seems reluctant to put any weight on it]

Josh: [Defensively] I said I’m sorry. It was an accident.

Simon: Like hell it was. I saw the look in your eye, and you’ve… [raising his voice so everyone can hear] he’s been acting odd around me for days. What’ve I done to you!

Anna: Calm down man, we’ll just take you inside and get you patched up, you’ll be fine.

Simon: No. I want to know why he’s got it in for me!

[Everyone turns to watch Josh again. He is strangely quiet]

Charlie: Josh, you don’t have to say anything, we know it wasn’t deliberate.

Josh: [Quietly] I think I should go inside now, leave you to it.

[Josh turns and starts to walk away. Simon breaks away from Charlie and Dillon and launches himself after Josh, spinning him around. As Josh turns he lashes out to get his balance and hits Simon across the cheek bone with his elbow. Simon staggers back, trips because of his hurt leg and collides with Nikki. They both fall to the ground. Duffy rushes to Nikki’s side, pulling her clear of Simon.]

Duffy: Are you alright Nikki?

Nikki: [A bit dazed] Yeah I’m fine.

Duffy: Really? [She seems very concerned as she helps Nikki up] Did he land on you?

[She nods down at Nikki’s stomach. Nikki understands and protectively hugs herself]

Nikki: No, no he didn’t…

Duffy: I think we should go inside and ask Big Brother to get someone to take a look at you.

Jack: [Suddenly appearing behind Duffy] What’s up. She didn’t fall that badly? What’s wrong?

Nikki: Not now Jack, please.

Jack: Babe!

Duffy: Later Jack.

[She takes Nikki indoors, leaving Jack completely confused]

Charlie: [Pulling Josh away from the others to a corner of the garden] What the hell was that about!

Josh: Nothing.

Charlie: There are some people I could expect such scenes from, but not you…

Josh. I didn’t kick him…

Charlie: He seems to think differently.

Josh: He’s wrong, and that… I didn’t mean to hit him either. Do you think he’s alright?

Charlie: I expect so. It’s you I’m more concerned about. You’ve been out of sorts ever since Colette left, but this…

Josh: It was an accident Charlie.

Charlie: Then why do you look so guilty?

Josh: When I saw him go down… I was pleased. It wasn’t deliberate, just a bad tackle, but for a split second it felt good to see him in pain.

Charlie: [Looking very troubled by this] I’ve never known you to be vindictive before…

Josh: [Very quietly, almost apologetically] I’ve never known my wife was cheating on me before.

Charlie: What?

Josh: Simon and Colette. I caught them having a private moment in the bathroom the day she left and yesterday I overheard him going on about being in love with a married woman…

Charlie: It’s not exactly conclusive Josh. [Sensing that Josh is about to interrupt] And… even if Simon has feelings for her it certainly doesn’t mean they’re reciprocated.

Josh: But I’ve seen the way they talk to each other, they’re so comfortable together…

Charlie: Even so, it does mean anything. Colette wouldn’t cheat on you, especially not with a pillock like Simon Kaminski.

Josh: But look at him and look at me. He’s a young handsome doctor, and I’m… well, I’m not. I always thought it was too good to be true that Colette would be interested in me. She’s a lot younger than me, and she’s beautiful and…

Charlie: And she loves you. I’ve seen you two together. This is just a crisis of confidence, it’ll pass.

Josh: [Looking over to where Dillon and Lara are still tending to a stunned Simon] He’s going to hate me, I nearly knocked him out.

Charlie: [whispering] Don’t tell anyone I said this, but frankly… it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bloke.



Friday, 02:15 - Living Room

After the events of Thursday’s disastrous football match both Simon and Nikki have been taken out of the Big Brother house to receive medical attention. The remaining housemates have gone to bed early in low spirits. At two fifteen Nikki and Simon return to the house via the back door.

[Simon and Nikki are walking through the living room on the way to their bedrooms. Simon is limping slightly and has a black eye otherwise they both look well, although exhausted]

Nikki: See you in the morning then.

Simon: Yeah. Wait, Nikki.

Nikki: Yeah?

Simon: Sorry for falling on you.

Nikki: [Sounding tired, but genuine] No harm done. ‘Night.

Simon: Goodnight.

[They each enter their respective rooms]

Friday: 02:16 - Girl’s Room

[The room is dark, but using the night vision camera it’s clear that Lara, Anna, and Duffy are already in bed asleep. Nikki kicks of her shoes and sits on her bed. Sniffing can be heard. At the other end of the room there is a movement from Duffy.]

Duffy: [Sleepily whispering] Nikki?

Nikki: Yep.

Duffy: Have you just got back? I was going to wait up, must’ve fallen asleep…

Nikki: It’s OK.

[Nikki sniffs again, and Duffy sits up more awake.]

Duffy: You want to come and share with me tonight?

Nikki: Yeah.

[She gets up and walks gingerly down the room in the darkness. Lara and Anna are stirring though]

Anna: What’s going on?

Duffy: Nothing Anna, go back to sleep.

Anna: [Rubbing her eyes and sitting up] Oh Nikki man, you’re back!

Lara: Nikki? What happened?

[Nikki gets under the duvet beside Duffy]

Duffy: You don’t have to talk about it now. You should get some rest.

Nikki: No, it’s alright. The baby’s fine, perfectly fine.

Anna: What baby?

Lara: Nikki, you’re pregnant?

Nikki: Yeah. [Overwhelmed but happily so] I heard it’s heart beat.

Anna: [Getting up and sitting on the edge of Duffy’s bed] Why didn’t you tell us!

Nikki: I still haven’t told Jack… [To Duffy] Did you?

Duffy: It’s not my place to tell him, but you’ll have to tell him now Nikki, he’ll want to know what all the fuss was about.

Anna: He was well worried about you when you left… Aww congratulations mate!

Lara: Yeah congratulations Nikki.

[Nikki begins crying more audibly. Duffy hugs her , and Anna moves so she can hug Nikki’s other side. Duffy whispers something to Nikki and Nikki nods]

Duffy: The thing is, Jack’s not the father. Nikki’s baby was conceived while they were apart…

Anna: Urgh! Not that Mark bloke!

Nikki: Yeah, but he doesn’t was anything to do with us. Neither will Jack.

Duffy: You don’t know that Nikki…

Anna: And I’ll be here for you.

Duffy: So will I.

Lara: And me. If you want me to be.

[There’s a pause, the other’s turn to look at Lara, surprised]

Lara: If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that going thorough stuff alone isn’t much fun… And Duffy, I’m sorry for snapping at you when you tried to help before I just…

Duffy: Don’t worry about it Lara. I’ve done my fair share of snapping when people try to help me. If anything I should have known better than to interfere. Anna? Could you reach down the side there, and find my bag?

Anna: [doing as instructed] This one?

Duffy: That’s it.

[Anna hands Duffy the bag and Duffy empties it on the bed. Several bars of chocolate fall out.]

Anna: What’s all that for?

Duffy: [Slightly embarrassed] Emergency rations? Comfort eating? Call it what you will. Lara, are you going to join us?

Lara: Huh?

Anna: Midnight feast man! Come on.

Lara: [Getting out of bed and dragging her duvet across the room to sit on the end of Duffy’s bed] Just like the sleepovers I had when I was a kid, we should be playing with my Mum’s lipstick and doing each other’s hair…

Anna: And listening to Take That…

Duffy: Listening to the Bay City Rollers.

Anna, Lara and Nikki: [Laughing] Who?!

Duffy: That’s it, you’re not sharing my sweets now!


Friday: 02:16 - Boy’s Room

[Simon is stumbling his way through the crowded room and waking everyone up]

Dillon: Simon, how’s the leg?

Simon: Sore, but I’ll live. My face is seriously killing me though.

Jack: Simon…

Josh: I am sorry Simon. It was an accident. Both times.

Simon: The producer let me watch the incident… The black eye maybe.

Charlie: So we’re all OK then?

Simon: I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m the one who’s spent god knows how long being carted around to a hospital in a blacked out car.

Jack: Simon…

Spencer: But you’re alright Dr Kaminski, no lasting damage…?

Simon: That’s not the point. He’s got it in for me…

Tony: Josh is good bloke, just let it drop.

Jack: Simon!

Simon: What?

Jack: Is Nikki back too?

Simon: Yes, she’s with the girls.

Jack: [Getting out of bed] Thank you! Is she alright?

Simon: Seemed so, they kept us apart the whole time, but she seemed alright just now.

Tony: [To Jack] Where are you going?

Jack: Where’d you think? I’ve gotta see her mate.

Dillon: Jack it’s the middle of the night. You can’t go wandering into the girls room, waking them all up. Wait until morning.

Jack: But I want to know what’s going on!

Tony: Dillon’s right. She won’t appreciate the third degree at this time of night. Go back to bed.

Jack: Alright!

[Jack gets back to his mattress on the floor]

Charlie: Would it be too much to ask for us to go back to slept now?

Simon: I want Josh here to explain himself.

Josh: [Clearing his throat. Silence falls around the room] Are you having an affair with my wife?

Simon: Colette! [Laughing] What would give you a stupid idea like that?!

Josh: The way you behave together…

Simon: We flirt, big deal, thousands of people do. It doesn’t mean anything.

Josh: And I overheard you saying that you’re in love with a married woman.

Simon: When?

Josh: Wednesday. You were talking to the chickens.

Simon: What? [Thinking about it] Oh, that wasn’t about Colette.

Josh: Then who?

Simon: [Looking guilty, and a bit scared] If I tell you that, I’ll get an even bigger kicking when I get out of here.

Tony: Maybe this other poor sod deserves to know…

Josh: No.

Tony: What?

Josh: Would you want to find out that your wife’s been cheating on you on national TV? I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been going through these last few days on anyone.

Charlie: So a truce then? Josh you believe Simon?

Josh: [Nodding] Yes.

Charlie: And Simon, you believe Josh didn’t mean to hurt you?

Josh: I swear it wasn’t deliberate.

Simon: [Staring at Josh in the darkness, trying to see if Josh looks trustworthy] OK.

Charlie: Thank God for that.

Friday, 12:19 - Girl’s Room

Jack has spent the morning pacing about waiting for Nikki to get up. Since it’s gone midday, and all the other girls have left Nikki alone in the girl’s bedroom, Jack has decided it’s time to go to see her.

[Nikki is still asleep in Duffy’s bed. Jack walks down the room and sits next to her, gently shaking her awake]

Jack: Nikki, babe, it’s me, wake up.

Nikki: Jack? [She rubs her face, and struggles to a sitting position] What is it?

Jack; That was what I wanted to ask you. I didn’t think you got hurt yesterday, but you were gone for ages, and no one would tell me anything. [Quietly] I was worried about you.

Nikki: I’m sorry.

Jack: Don’t be sorry, just tell me what’s going on.

Nikki: Promise me you’ll listen, you won’t just get angry.

Jack: Why would I be angry?

Nikki: [Taking Jacks hands, and a deep breath] I’m pregnant. That’s what the fuss was about, I was worried that when I fell I might have hurt the baby.

Jack; You’re what?

Nikki: Pregnant.

Jack: How? I mean, we haven’t… for ages…

Nikki: It was when you broke up you with me… I met this guy… I was upset that you dumped me and it just sort of happened.

Jack: Just sort of happened? [Getting more upset] How can you just sort of sleep with some and just sort of let them get you pregnant?!

Nikki: Jack, please, don’t be like this…

Jack: [Upset and angry] I was going through the worst time of my life, I was all alone in hospital and you were having it off with some random bloke somewhere!

Nikki: You told me you didn’t want to be with me!

Jack: And you were so upset that you jumped straight into bed with the first bloke you saw!

Nikki: It wasn’t like that Jack…

Jack: I thought you were… [Stops himself]

Nikki: What? What did you think I was?

Jack: [Quieter again] I thought you were special Nikki. But you didn’t even care, just went and grabbed the first available man you saw.

Nikki: I was all prepared to stand by you. You pushed me away! You did!

Jack: But you weren’t supposed to go!

Nikki: What?

Jack: I was scared alright. I was scared that you’d only stay with me because you felt sorry for me, and that you’d be as repulsed by... what they did to me as I was. I didn’t want you to pity me and I needed some time to think about stuff. I didn’t want to break up with you. I didn’t think you’d just go off with someone else…

Nikki: But you tried to get other dates when you were better… You got over me.

Jack: I never got any other dates. I just acted like that to make you jealous and to make out to everyone else that nothing had changed after the op. But it has changed. It’s made me realise that I want to be with you. But you don’t wan…

Nikki: [Interrupting] I do. I want to be with you.

Jack: But what about the… [points at her stomach] I’d be a c**p Dad. I don’t know the first thing about babies. And they smell funny.

Nikki: We’ll learn.

Jack: You definitely want it?

Nikki: [Nodding solemnly] Yes. But I want you too.

Jack: I don’t know…

Nikki: [pleading] Think about it, don’t just say no, think about it. I think you’d be a good Dad. We’d be a good family.

Jack: I’ll think about it. [Wipes his face with his hand] I need some fresh air.

[Jack leaves the room, and Nikki crosses her fingers]

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