Casualty Big Brother II Rules

There are thirteen housemates to start, but only one can win - you decide who!

The contestants for CBB are Jan, Duffy, Anna, Nikki, Lara, Colette, Charlie, Josh, Spencer, Jack, Simon, Tony and Dillon.

Every week two contestants will be voted off, until three remain, then you vote for who you want to win. The process should therefore last six weeks (Although I have to write it, and I might take longer)

Voting can be done on the Polls section of the forum, and I will send out a Poll notification, theoretically the Friday of each week, giving the weekend to collect votes, and publishing the results, and the housemates reactions to them on the Monday. There will also be updates from the house during the week with any luck!

Please feel free to offer suggestions for what the housemates can do during the weeks ahead. Mail me!. I have a feeling Iíll need all the help I can get!

Um, thatís all I have to say really. Enjoy!