Back at the end of May 2002, thirteen colleagues entered the Big Brother house. In the weeks that followed, relationships were tested, tempers frayed and lives changed. One walking out, and twelve evictions later a winner emerged.

But what’s happened to them since?

1st Evictees:

Jan Goddard Received ~ 28% of the vote, which was also the highest amount of actual votes for a person during an eviction (10)

Since leaving the Big Brother house, Jan has been forced to resign her position as Chief Executive of Holby City Hospital in disgrace when it came out that she leaked confidential and personal information about Mr Max Gallagher to the Press for her own ends.

She is currently living in a quiet area of the Cornish countryside waiting for some of the fuss to die down, as no one has shown any interest in employing her. She has however received several invitations to appear on talk shows and documentaries, all of which she’s turned down, including: Trisha: Love and Power, are the two compatible?, Jerry Springer UK: I was a lying dirt bag, and Britain’s Worst Cheats - Revised and updated.

She has neither seen nor spoken to ex-boyfriend Charlie Fairhead since the incident occurred.

She has declined to comment for this update.


Colette Griffiths Received ~ 14% of the vote, the same as her husband Josh, but she lost the scientific ‘toss of the coin’ tiebreaker.

Since leaving the house Colette has spent time primarily at work, covering for her two bosses who remained inside the Big Brother house until the final week. During the month she was effectively in charge she ordered new jumbo board markers and rearranged the filing system and stock cupboard on no less than three separate occasions. On their return, Charlie praised Colette’s work and initiative, Duffy surreptitiously returned everything to the way it used to be.

After watching husband Josh get so distraught when he thought she was having an affair with Dr. Simon Kaminski, Colette has made an extra effort to be demonstrative in her love for him, and organised a romantic get-a-way in Paris. Josh was very pleased.

When asked about her experience in the Big Brother house, Colette said: “The week I was there was a lot of fun, I was sorry to leave so soon, and the week spent watching Josh’s antics with Simon was highly distressing that’s for sure! But I got several weeks to run the Casualty department, and that’s been really helpful. I might even try for a Sistership at Broadway General now…”

2nd Evictees:

Josh Griffiths Received ~ 24% of the second week’s vote.

After the emotional second week Josh spent in the house, he was pleased to get back to the real world, and to his wife Colette. They swiftly sorted out the problems in their relationship that had caused him to be so convinced of his wife’s infidelity, and to this day whenever any of the Big Brother incidents are mentioned to him he goes a vibrant shade of red. Having just returned from a weekend in France, rumours around the hospital suggest it is only a matter of time before the pitter-patter of tiny Griffiths feet are heard. Josh denies the rumour of his wife’s pregnancy but has gone on record to say that if it should happen he’d be “delighted”

His work driving an ambulance around Holby has made him arguably the most famous, and certainly the most spotted of the housemates since his release, he said on the subject: “These last few weeks I’ve signed more autographs than I’ve saved lives. It’s mad. But I have been on TV once before, a documentary on BBC One about being a paramedic, and I did get a few people come up to me after that as well, so I know how to handle the fans!”

Industry insiders have also given indications that Josh might become the face of Maynard’s Wine Gums in the new year.

Simon Kaminski Received ~ 21% of the second week’s vote, a sprained ankle and a black eye.

In the week immediately after being evicted Simon took time off from his work as an SHO in Holby City Hospital to convalesce. During that week Simon’s brother realised that the woman Simon had been alluding to loving during his stay in the house was Simon’s ex-girlfriend, now his brother’s fiancée, Claire. After a heated argument, his brother blackened the other eye. Claire went to live with, and look after Simon, although the two have since split up yet again. Allegations made by Dr Lara Stone inside the house about Simon’s drinking have not since been repeated, or indeed confirmed, however Simon failed in his bid to become Registrar at the hospital. He still works there as an SHO but intends to take a new placement as soon as his six month rotation is over.

We caught up with Simon on his way into work, this is what he said: “That show ruined my life! My brother and the rest of my family come to think of it, hate me, Claire’s gone, and I didn’t get the promotion all because of a paranoid paramedic and bloody Stoneface sticking their oars in. But I’ll tell you this, Simon Kaminski may be down but he’s not out. Now if you don’t mind I’ve got lives to save.”

3rd Evictees:

Tony Vincent Received ~ 29% of the third week’s vote.

Tony’s openness about his sexuality has made him something of a gay icon since leaving the Big Brother house, a situation that he’s not sure he deserves: “I’m gay, it’s not such a big deal these days is it?” When he left the house after the third set of evictions he was greeted with a plethora of banners reading ’Dump Dillon, you’re too good for him’ and ’Blondie doesn’t know what he’s missing’ and has been inundated with offers from the nation’s young men. So far he has declined them all, and is instead concentrating on studying to gain entrance to Nursing College to fulfil his dream of a career in nursing. His current boss, Charlie Fairhead, Clinical Nursing Manager of Holby City Hospital described Tony’s chances of success as “promising” and said, “I fully expect that Tony will become a fine nurse, and I’d be happy to employ him as soon as he completes his training”.

Tony himself is a little more cautious, he says: “It’s a challenge I’m well up for, but I know it’s not going to be easy. Thankfully I have my Gran, and my brother Jack’s support, and all my friends at work have been really great about it. Dillon even promised he’d tutor me if I need it; there are no hard feelings between us”.

Jack Vincent Received ~ 22% of the third week’s vote, to be evicted the same week as his brother.

The Big Brother experience proved to be more than he could have expected for hospital receptionist Jack. After entering the house enthusiastically with girlfriend Nikki, he discovered that Nikki was pregnant with another man’s baby after a brief fling whilst the couple had been apart. Viewers saw ‘Jack the Lad’ have to face up to a highly emotional decision, could he stand by Nikki? Pubic opinion poll conducted in The Sun newspaper gave this verdict: Stay with her = 57%, Dump her = 39%, I don’t watch BB so I don’t know = 4%.

But the nation was stunned when Jack not only decided to stand by his love, but asked her to marry him on his way out of the house. None more so than Jack’s Gran, who told us this at the time: “I think Jack’s being very mature about it all. I always thought it was his brother Tony who was the sensible one, Jack’s always had his head a bit in the clouds, you know. I’m very proud of him, I think I’ll bake the boys a nice cake to celebrate….”

We asked Jack how Big Brother has affected his life: “Oh, mate, everything’s just so, wow, like upside down now. But me and my babe are happy and that’s the main thing…. Oh, and I got a call this morning from Ministry of Sound, they asked me to do a guest spot Dj- ing down in London. That’s well cool. I might get a record deal from this!”

Left of own accord:

Nikki Marshall

The big surprise of this years Big Brother was the shock departure of Ambulance Technician, Nikki part way through the fourth week. She forfeited her chance to win the prize money when she asked Big Brother to let her leave to be reunited with new fiancé Jack Vincent. Their reunion outside the back door of the house was the most watched episode of the show up to that point when it was repeated the following Sunday. Bookmakers who opened betting on whether Jack would stand by his proposal of marriage practically the moment he left had put the odds at 5-1 he’d marry her, 2-1 he’d call it off when he next saw her, 3-2 he’d skip the country before she left the house. So far however the wedding plans are still in full swing.

Nikki told us that she has total confidence in Jack: “I know what some people think of him, that he’s unreliable and a bit of a lady’s man but the people who say that don’t know him the way I do. After all that we’ve been through together I know I can trust him. He’s my babe and I love him! But we’re not getting married until after the baby’s born ‘cause I’m not going down the aisle looking fat.”

Nikki’s parents, after becoming the subject of a hate campaign for not standing by their daughter have also issued this statement: “When Nicola told us she was pregnant we were obviously very much in shock and perhaps things were said that oughtn’t have been. We formally apologise to our daughter for the upset that we may have caused, and of course we are looking forward to the birth of our first grandchild”.

4th Evictees:

Anna Paul Received ~ 32% of the fourth week’s vote.

Staff nurse Anna Paul denies that her Big Brother experience has changed her. She told us, “I still live in the same flat, and I still do the same job. A few of our patients have recognised me, and they’ve all been dead nice but that’s about it. I have a better working relationship with some of my colleagues I suppose too”

The cheerful Brummie was one of the early favourites to win Big Brother and gathered a loyal following of fans. Producers of Big Brother screened all the fan mail before passing it on the housemates as they left the house, and inside sources say that Anna received some of the raciest material. Anna laughs it off: “I got sent some undies, and notes saying that I should let my hair down a bit, but it’s not like you can take this stuff seriously man.”

One thing that has come from her experience was a letter from her absentee father, a married man who’s name we cannot give for legal reasons. The letter is said to tell Anna how proud he is of how she’s turned out, although doesn’t encourage future contact. Anna has declined to comment on the subject, but flatmate Roxanne Bird told us “She read it in silence and then cried in her room for a while, but she won’t talk to me about anything personal, dunno why…?”

Spencer Received ~ 32% of the fourth week’s vote also.

The enigmatic Irishman, known only as Spencer, revealed to the nation during his time in the house how he’d spent time living rough after an accident at sea left a young man dead and is now a recovering alcoholic, and yet his soft spoken manner and candour about his feelings earned him a large fan base. Since leaving the house he has been asked by several organisations to speak about his addiction and his homelessness to young people’s groups across the country. Spencer is as ever too modest to take up these offers, “ I wouldn’t want anyone in the world to go through all I have been, but I really just want to get on with my job and with rebuilding my relationship with my family. I don’t want to be a celebrity.”

When he was evicted he was clearly upset that his wife Shirley, two son’s and daughter did not come down to the house to greet him. He remained stoical as he was interviewed, but seemed grateful to have friend and colleague Anna Paul beside him. When we caught up with him a few days ago he did seem more positive about the situation though, “I’ve spoken to Shirley and the boys a couple of times since returning to the real world, and things are going quite well. My daughter, Gilly, however has gone on holiday to Ibiza for the summer so I haven’t seen her yet, and she won’t have seen any of what went on in the house. Ah, maybe it’s for the best…”




5th Place:

Dillon Cahill Received absolutely no votes to win in the final vote. Over the course of the previous four weeks of voting he received 10 votes for eviction.

Dillon, a staff nurse who once trained to be a doctor, and a Samaritan, gained an army of fans in the early weeks due to his good looks, but even the schoolgirl following didn’t stop him from receiving a dismal lack of votes to win. We asked Dillon if he was disappointed., “Well, yes, I suppose I am. I mean, I never really thought that I’d win, but to receive no votes at all, it’s a bit of a blow”.

Big Brother psychologist Dr I Prattlealot, form the University of Holby, gave us his view, “Dillon, from the start has shown he has a caring and compassionate side to his nature, and that’s usually a very endearing quality, however Dillon also seems to have a critical lack of common sense. He gets too close, and ends up putting his foot in it in a desperate attempt to solve everyone’s problems in five seconds flat. The kiss with Lara is a prime example of this, and I think the viewers find it hard to relate to any trained professional that can make such a mess so publicly”.

We talked to Dillon’s team leader at the Samaritans about Dr Prattlealot’s theory, and although they did refuse to comment on Dillon’s abilities they did tell us that all their staff at the Holby branch would be taking part in a training exercise in the coming weeks. Dillon has not yet started back at work though as Samaritan bosses fear their lines may become jammed with calls to the young nurse.

He has, however returned to his nursing work at the hospital, where he says he has an “amicable” relationship with both Tony Vincent and Lara Stone, and strictly denies that he has any feelings beyond the professional for Lara. Many fans of Big Brother will not be convinced by this though.

We asked him what his feelings about the final week were, “In many ways the final week was the best one. We weren’t feeling very competitive about the prize money and everyone seemed pretty relaxed. We all decided to make the most of our last week together; it was like a big holiday. I have to say I’m glad I’m out, but hey, it was an experience I‘ll never forget.”

4th Place:

Charlie Fairhead Received ~ 4.2% of the votes to win, and a total of only 6 votes for eviction over the previous four weeks.

Charlie jumped straight back into work the moment his Big Brother experience finished, but the stress of events, predominately the break up with, and disgrace of, his girlfriend Jan Goddard, caused him to suffer a minor heart attack barely two weeks afterwards. He is still on convalescent leave.

He issued this statement through the hospital’s press office: “The last few weeks have been far more difficult to come to terms with than perhaps I gave them credit for. The break up of a relationship is never easy, and when it happens in such a public arena the stress to the body’s system is considerable. Couple that with the everyday pressures of running the Emergency Unit at the hospital and it overwhelmed me. I’m happy to say that we have some of the best doctors in the country working in this hospital, and the Cardiology team have been excellent. I expect to make a full recovery, and I am planning to visit my son in Canada just as soon as I can”.

Charlie’s popularity with fans and colleagues alike has seen him receive hundreds of cards and letters of support, and he has also asked us say thank you to everyone who has sent something in.

3rd Place:

Max Gallagher Received ~ 8. 3% of votes to win, having only joined the house after Nikki’s departure so never being up for eviction before.

As a latecomer to the house Max says he never really expected to end up in third place, “ It’s rather flattering I suppose, especially as just a few weeks ago I unemployed and practically black listed. Of course my career is still coloured by the things that Ms Goddard leaked to the press, but at least now I have my job back, and the backing of the Trust once again. Of course the best bit is hooking up with Duffy, and I’m glad for all the time we got to spend in the house together”.

Since his reinstatement at the hospital Max has spent a lot of his time working, but as he just said, there has been time for a little romance as well. Max and Duffy’s blossoming relationship inside the house has gone from strength to strength now that they are back in the ’real world’, and Max couldn’t be happier. “I have a lot of respect and admiration for Duffy and always have had, but I also think she’s an incredibly beautiful woman and I’m over the moon that we’re now seeing each other”.

Dr Prattlealot, our resident psychologist I also optimistic about the couple, he told us, “Usually the romances between housemates are born out of lust and/or boredom, and don’t tend to last very long once the novelty has worn off. With Max and Duffy however they already have shared interests and a common history, perhaps even a relationship history? I think they will make it work”.

2nd Place:

Lisa ’Duffy’ Duffin Received ~ 33. 3% of votes to win, and only received 1 vote to be evicted in her entire time in the house. She was the favourite to win the prize money right at the beginning.

Following her Big Brother experience, Duffy took a few days off work in order to spend some time with the children she missed so much when she was inside those; her sons, Peter, Jake and Paul, and to introduce them formally to love interest Dr Max Gallagher. Thankfully, she revealed exclusively to us, the boys are pleased for her, after the death of their father just over a year ago. She told us, “They’re still finding their bearings around each other. It’s an adjustment for all five of us, but they seem to get on well with Max, and he’s a strong father figure for them”.

However her happiness in tainted slightly by the recent hospitalisation of long time friend and colleague Charlie Fairhead, who collapsed suffering a heart attack a few weeks ago and is currently laid up at home. “I’m really worried about him,” she told us, “he’s always been better at looking after other people than he has been looking after himself. Max and I are both concerned for him, and visit him most days, but he is slowly recuperating”.

Meanwhile, in charge of the department in Charlie’s absence Duffy in enjoying being back in the department. “It’s a huge part of my life that hospital is, and I will admit I missed terribly. Not as much as my children, obviously, but a lot all the same. It’s good being back, and Colette and I are coming around to a reasonable delegation of responsibilities too”.

So what does the future hold for Duffy? She’s keeping tight lipped, but her mother told us “Lisa is the happiest I’ve seen her in ages, I hope it continues and if that means that Max Gallagher becomes a permanent fixture n her life then so be it”.

1st Place:

Lara Stone Received ~ 54.2% of votes to win, over half of all votes cast. She totalled 8votes for eviction over the previous four weeks and was the second favourite to win the prize.

The young, beautiful and talented Australian doctor has come out of Big Brother with more than just the prize money. She’s also gained a promotion from SHO to Registrar in the Emergency Unit at Holby city Hospital. It’s difficult to tell which she’s more pleased about. “I’ve worked hard and for a long time to get this post, the moneys great, of course it is, but the job’s a bit more personal, you know?”

Lara returned to work only one day after she emerged from the Big Brother house, but assures us that she is not a workaholic, “Well, not anymore. I feel more comfortable now, and frankly I don’t want to end up like poor Charlie. Having said that, there is a certain amount of excitement about taking on a new role, and I couldn’t wait to get stuck in”.

But as she’s working so hard, will she get the chance to spend all that prize money? The answer is yes. Lara has planned to fly back to her home city of Melbourne in a couple of months time in order to spend some time with the family she hasn’t seen face to face for nearly two years.

“I know that I’ve developed a lot during the last couple of years, what with going to Sierra Leone and everything that happened with Patrick, not to mention the five and bit weeks spent in the Big Brother house. I feel ready now to go home and show them all who I am. I’m sure it’ll be a very emotional trip, but I’m ready for that.”

Lara is also pleased to see that her colleagues in general don’t harbour an hard feelings about her winning the prize. “I threw them all a party which was great fun. We’re all a lot more relaxed around each other now. There’s some animosity between Simon and I, but that’s always been there. I don’t think anything will change it. I do think it’s strange though, I was probably the most sceptical about joining in, but I think I’ve got the most out of it. And I don’t mean the money…”


Thank you to everyone at the late HWF who took part in the weekly votes - it really wouldn’t have worked at all without you!

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