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...to Suzi's Tucker/Reed Fanfiction Page.

This site contains both general and slash fiction, meaning there is fic about two men in romantic and/or sexual situations. If this is not to your liking then please go elsewhere. There is a whole world of other stuff to read. Don't say that I haven't warned you!

If you are over the age of consent where you live, and are not offended by slash fiction, please follow the links to the left.

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29/09/05: New story, Tucker Reed gen ficlet: Without Saying
22/05/05: A revamp of the Images section to include new screencaps and the first selection of my Expo photographs.
26/03/05: New story, a gen fic starring Archer would you believe! Based on The Wizard of Oz...Mission to Oz.

Disclaimer: I do not, never have and sadly never will, own Trip, Malcolm, anyone aboard Enterprise, mentioned on Enterprise or the Star Trek universe as a whole. Or my own home, but that's another matter. All fic is for fun, so please don't sue.