Future Lives Stories

These stories are set predominantly in the future (2018 onwards) and following Duffy and her daughter Andie - Holly and Patrick also in the second book.

The first story was started after the end of season 15 (S15E36 'Breaking the spell 2') And so branches into an alternate universe from there.

Saying Goodbye
Words: 24,561  Chapters: 8
Featuring: Duffy and Charlie
Summary: Louis brings Duffy Charlie's old journal after his father's death. Through reading it they 
get a better understanding of Charlie's life and hopefully comes to terms with him departure.

Keeping Promises Words: 32,948 Chapters: 8 Featuring: Duffy, Patrick and Holly Summary: Duffy's used Charlie's diary to write a biography of their time at the hospital together, and contacts ex-colleague Patrick to do a forward for it. Meanwhile a new doctor has come to town, and her arrival is sure to affect Duffy and Patrick.
Plans for a third story have been underway for some time now but unfortuantely due to time restrictions it's unlikely to be written soon :-(